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Heavenly Gale
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TypeWeaponCrafting material
Damage600 Ranged
Knockback4 (Weak)
Critical chance4%
Use time22 Fast
TooltipFires a barrage of 5 random exo arrows
Green exo arrows explode into a tornado on death
Blue exo arrows cause a second group of arrows to fire on enemy hits
Orange exo arrows cause explosions on death
Teal exo arrows ignore enemy immunity frames
66% chance to not consume ammo
RarityRarity Level: 15
Sell 50 Gold Coin.png

The Heavenly Gale's various arrows and tornado.

The Heavenly Gale is a craftable post-Moon Lord bow. It fires two barrages of five exo arrows for a total of ten exo arrows per volley. Exo arrows randomly come in four variants that have different effects based on their color:

  • Blue exo arrows summon three more arrows coming out of random directions towards the target when they're hit. The extra wave of arrows deal 70% damage.
  • Green exo arrows form green tornadoes on contact. They aren't fired if more than five tornadoes are summoned.
  • Orange exo arrows cause small explosions on contact.
  • Teal exo arrows pierce through enemies and ignore enemy immunity frames. They deal half damage to enemies.

It has a 66% chance not to consume any ammunition when fired.

All arrows fired from the bow inflict the following debuffs on hit enemies:

Its best modifier is Unreal.



Used in[]


  • As the Heavenly Gale converts all arrows into exo arrows, it is best paired with Bloodfire Arrows as they have the highest base damage.
  • During the Supreme Calamitas fight, the player can inflict massive damage by positioning themself correctly and moving in a deliberate up or down motion while firing Heavenly Gale, causing the boss to remain inside the tornadoes spawned by green arrows whenever she hovers at the player's side.