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Ichor (debuff).png
Type Debuff
Effects Defense reduced by 20
Tooltip Defense reduced by 20

Ichor is a vanilla debuff that reduces the defense of anything it afflicts by 20.


From Calamity Items

From Duration Chance
Auralis Auralis 7 seconds 100%
Catastrophe Claymore Catastrophe Claymore 1 seconds (Contact, Yellow Bolt) 33.33%
Caustic Staff Caustic Staff 1-3 seconds 100%
Celestial Claymore Celestial Claymore 1 second (Yellow Flame) 100%
Continental Greatbow Continental Greatbow 10 seconds (Ichor Arrow) 100%
Crimson Crusher Blade Crimson Crusher Blade 2 seconds 100%
Desecrated Water Desecrated Water 3 seconds (stealth strike) 100%
Devastation Devastation 1 seconds (Contact, Yellow Blast) 100%
Everglade Spray Everglade Spray 10 seconds 100%
Golden Gun Golden Gun 8 seconds 100%
Ichor Spear Ichor Spear 2 Seconds 100%
Raider's Glory Raider's Glory 10 seconds 100%
Spear of Destiny Spear of Destiny 2 seconds 100%
Temporal Umbrella Temporal Umbrella 3 seconds (Bullet) 100%
Terra Edge Terra Edge 1.5 seconds (Contact)
0.75 seconds (Beam)
True Bloody Edge True Bloody Edge 1 second 100%
Ultra Liquidator Ultra Liquidator 1.5 seconds (Main Blade)
1 second (Secondary Blade)
Flask of Ichor Flask of Ichor 10-19 seconds (Rogue attacks) 100%

From Calamity NPCs

From Duration Chance
The Perforator Hive The Perforator Hive 3 seconds (Ichor Shot)
4 seconds (Ichor Blob)