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Icicle Trident
  • Icicle Trident.png
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Damage69 Magic
Knockback7 (Strong)
Critical chance4%
Use time25 Fast
TooltipShoots piercing icicles
Inflicts DebuffGlacial StateGlacial State
100% chance

Debuff duration0.5 seconds
Debuff tooltipCannot move and defense is shattered
Inflicts DebuffFrostburnFrostburn
100% chance

Debuff duration3 seconds
Debuff tooltipIt's either really hot or really cold. Either way it REALLY hurts
RarityRarity Level: 5
Buy / Sell 36 Gold Coin.png /  7 Gold Coin.png 20 Silver Coin.png
Projectile created
Trident Icicle
Trident Icicle

The Icicle Trident is a Hardmode wand sold by the Archmage NPC. It shoots out volleys of three icicle shards which will pierce through enemies once and inflict the Frostburn and Glacial State debuffs.

Its best modifier is Mythical.


  • The Icicle Trident can be considered to be the counterpart to the Poison Staff as both function similarly, have similar damage and both inflict strong debuffs.
  • Despite shooting three icicle shards at once, an enemy can only be hit once at any given time, instead of taking damage from up to three of them.