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This item is dedicated to: Aleksh
Joyful Heart
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TypePet Summon
Use time19 Very Fast
TooltipIt's oddly warm. Attracts the forbidden one.
Grants BuffThe FatherThe Father
Buff tooltipA father of many floats around you
RarityRarity Level: 5
Sell 1 Gold Coin.png
Dropped by
Shark14% / 6.67%
Summons Pet
Lad Shark
Lad Shark.png

The Joyful Heart is a pet summoning item that drops from Sharks. It summons a white shark pet to fly around the player, occasionally spinning around itself. It has a 1 in 10000 chance every frame to squeak and causes all players, enemies, critters, and Town NPCs within a 15-block radius to emit heart particles similarly to a Love Potion.


  • If the player is named "Aleksh" or "Shark Lad", the player can obtain the Joyful Heart from the Starter Bag.
  • Lad Shark behaves the same way as the Baby Skeletron Head summoned by the Bone Key, and the two will tend to overlap if both are summoned.