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Lore Items are items with a piece of lore written into them, and are dropped by their respective boss on their first kill. They are also able to be crafted using Victory Shards and the boss's respective trophy. The descriptions of these items are insights and commentary on both locations the player has been to and bosses the player has slain.

Lore Items
Item Name Tooltip Source Rarity
King Slime (Lore) King Slime Only a fool could be caught by this pitiful excuse for a hunter.
Unfortunately, our world has no shortage of those.
King Slime Rarity Level: 1
The Desert Scourge (Lore) The Desert Scourge The great sea worm appears to have survived the extreme heat and has even adapted to it.
What used to be a majestic beast swimming through the water has now become a dried-up and
gluttonous husk, constantly on a voracious search for its next meal.
Desert Scourge Rarity Level: 1
The Eye of Cthulhu (Lore) The Eye of Cthulhu That peculiar.
I sensed it watching you more intensely as you grew stronger.
Eye of Cthulhu Rarity Level: 1
Crabulon (Lore) Crabulon A crab and its mushrooms, a love story.
It's interesting how creatures can adapt given certain circumstances.
Crabulon Rarity Level: 2
The Crimson (Lore) The Crimson This bloody hell, spawned from a formless mass of flesh that fell from the stars eons ago.
It is now home to many hideous creatures, spawned from the pumping blood and lurching organs deep within.
Brain of Cthulhu Rarity Level: 2
The Corruption (Lore) The Corruption The rotten and forever-deteriorating landscape of infected life, brought upon by a deadly microbe long ago.
It is rumored that the microbe was created through experimentation by a long-dead race, predating the Terrarians.
Eater of Worlds Rarity Level: 2
The Brain of Cthulhu (Lore) The Brain of Cthulhu An eye and now a brain.
Most likely another abomination spawned from this inchoate mass of flesh.
Brain of Cthulhu Rarity Level: 2
The Eater of Worlds (Lore) The Eater of Worlds Perhaps it was just a giant worm infected by the microbe, given centuries to feed and grow its festering body.
Seems likely, given the origins of this place.
Eater of Worlds Rarity Level: 2
The Perforators and their Hive (Lore) The Perforators and their Hive An abomination of comingled flesh, bone, and organ, infested primarily by blood-slurping worms.
The chunks left over from the brain must have been absorbed by the crimson and reconstituted into it.
The Perforators Rarity Level: 3
The Hive Mind (Lore) The Hive Mind A hive of clustered microbial-infected flesh.
I do not believe killing it will lessen the corruption here.
The Hive Mind Rarity Level: 3
Queen Bee (Lore) Queen Bee As crude as the giant insects are they can prove useful in certain situations...given the ability to control them. Queen Bee Rarity Level: 3
Skeletron (Lore) Skeletron The curse is said to only affect the elderly.
After they are afflicted they become an immortal vessel for an ancient demon of the underworld.
Skeletron Rarity Level: 3
The Slime God (Lore) The Slime God It is a travesty, one of the most threatening biological terrors ever created.
If this creature were allowed to combine every slime on the planet it would become nearly unstoppable.
The Slime God Rarity Level: 4
The Underworld (Lore) The Underworld These obsidian and hellstone towers were once home to thousands of...'people'.
Unfortunately for them, they were twisted by their inner demons until they were beyond saving.
Wall of Flesh Rarity Level: 4
Wall of Flesh (Lore) Wall of Flesh I see the deed is done.
The unholy amalgamation of flesh and hatred has been defeated.
Prepare to face the terrors that lurk in the light and dark parts of this world.
Wall of Flesh Rarity Level: 4
Cryogen (Lore) Cryogen The archmage's prison.
I am unsure if it has grown weaker over the decades of imprisonment.
Cryogen Rarity Level: 5
The Mechanical Trio (Lore) The Mechanical Trio I see you have awakened Draedon's old toys.
Once useful tools turned into savage beasts when their AIs went rogue, a mistake that Draedon failed to rectify in time.
Any Mechanical Boss Rarity Level: 5
The Twins (Lore) The Twins The bio-mechanical watchers of the night, originally created as security using the souls extracted from human eyes.
These creatures did not belong in this world, it's best to be rid of them.
The Twins Rarity Level: 5
Brimstone Crag (Lore) Brimstone Crag Ah...this place.
The scent of broken promises, pain, and eventual death is heavy in the air...
Brimstone Elemental Rarity Level: 5
Brimstone Elemental (Lore) Brimstone Elemental The most powerful of the elementals, bent on exacting revenge upon the bloody inferno that demolished her home.
Finally put to rest, she will suffer no longer from the grief caused by the deaths of her people.
Brimstone Elemental Rarity Level: 5
The Destroyer (Lore) The Destroyer A machine brought to life by the mighty souls of warriors, and built to excavate massive tunnels in planets to gather resources.
Could have proven useful if Draedon didn't have an obsession with turning everything into a tool of destruction.
The Destroyer Rarity Level: 5
Aquatic Scourge (Lore) Aquatic Scourge A horror born of pollution and insatiable hunger; based on size alone this was merely a juvenile.
These scourge creatures are the largest aquatic predators and very rarely do they frequent such shallow waters.
Aquatic Scourge Rarity Level: 5
Sulphur Sea (Lore) Sulphur Sea I remember the serene waves and the clear breeze.
The bitterness of my youth has long since subsided, but it is far too late. I must never repeat a mistake like this again.
Aquatic Scourge Rarity Level: 5
Skeletron Prime (Lore) Skeletron Prime What a silly and pointless contraption for something created with the essence of pure terror.
Draedon obviously took several liberties with its design...I am not impressed.
Skeletron Prime Rarity Level: 5
Calamitas Clone (Lore) Calamitas Clone You are indeed stronger than I thought.
Though the bloody inferno still lingers, observing your progress.
Calamitas Rarity Level: 5
Plantera (Lore) Plantera Well done, you killed a plant.
It was used as a vessel to house the spirits of those unfortunate enough to find their way down here.
I wish you luck in dealing with the fallout.
Plantera Rarity Level: 6
The Ocean (Lore) The Ocean Take care to not disturb the deep waters of this world.
You may awaken something more terrifying than death itself.
Leviathan and Anahita Rarity Level: 7
Leviathan and Anahita (Lore) Leviathan and Anahita An odd pair of creatures; one seeking companionship and the other seeking sustenance.
Perhaps two genetic misfits outcast from their homes that found comfort in assisting one another.
Leviathan and Anahita Rarity Level: 7
Astrum Aureus (Lore) Astrum Aureus A titanic cyborg infected by a star-borne disease expelled from the belly of an ancient god.
The destruction of this creature will not prevent the spread of the disease.
Astrum Aureus Rarity Level: 7
Golem (Lore) Golem A primitive construct.
I admire the lihzahrd race for their ingenuity, though finding faith in such a flawed idol would invariably lead to their downfall.
Golem Rarity Level: 8
The Plaguebringer Goliath (Lore) The Plaguebringer Goliath A horrific amalgam of steel, flesh, and infection, capable of destroying an entire civilization in just one onslaught.
Its plague nuke barrage can leave an entire area uninhabitable for months. A shame that it came to this but the plague must be contained.
Plaguebringer Goliath Rarity Level: 8
Duke Fishron (Lore) Duke Fishron The mutant terror of the sea was once the trusted companion of an old king; he tamed it using its favorite treat.
Long ago, the creature flew in desperation from the raging bloody inferno consuming its home, ultimately finding its way to the ocean.
Duke Fishron Rarity Level: 8
Ravager (Lore) Ravager The flesh golem constructed using twisted necromancy during the time of my conquest to counter my unstoppable forces.
Its creators were slaughtered by it moments after its conception. It is for the best that it has been destroyed.
Ravager Rarity Level: 8
Lunatic Cultist (Lore) Lunatic Cultist The gifted one that terminated my grand summoning so long ago with his uncanny powers over the arcane.
Someone I once held in such contempt for his actions is now...deceased, his sealing ritual undone...prepare for the end.
Your impending doom approaches...
Lunatic Cultist Rarity Level: 9
The Red Moon (Lore) The Red Moon We long ago feared the light of the red moon.
Many went mad, others died, but a scant few became blessed with a wealth of cosmic understanding.
Lunatic Cultist during a Blood Moon Rarity Level: 9
Astral Infection (Lore) Astral Infection This twisted dreamscape, surrounded by unnatural pillars under a dark and hazy sky.
Natural law has been upturned. What will you make of it?
Astrum Deus Rarity Level: 9
Astrum Deus (Lore) Astrum Deus God of the stars and largest vessel for the Astral Infection.
Though struck down from its place among the stars its remnants have gathered strength, aiming to take its rightful place in the cosmos once more.
Astrum Deus Rarity Level: 9
Moon Lord (Lore) Moon Lord What a waste.
Had it been fully restored it would have been a force to behold, but what you fought was an empty shell.
However, that doesn't diminish the immense potential locked within it, released upon its death.
Moon Lord Rarity Level: 10
The Profaned Guardians (Lore) The Profaned Guardians The ever-rejuvenating guardians of the profaned flame.
Much like a phoenix from the ashes their deaths are simply a part of their life cycle.
Many times my forces have had to destroy these beings in search of the Profaned Goddess.
Profaned Guardians Rarity Level: 11
The Dragonfolly (Lore) The Dragonfolly A failure of twisted scientific ambition; it appears our faulted arrogance over life has shown once more in the results.
Originally intended to be a clone of the Jungle Dragon, these were left to roam about the jungle, attacking anything in their path.
The Dragonfolly Rarity Level: 11
Providence, the Profaned Goddess (Lore) Providence, the Profaned Goddess A core surrounded by stone and flame, a simple origin and a simple goal.
What would have become of us had she not been defeated is a frightening concept to consider.
Providence, the Profaned Goddess Rarity Level: 12
The Sentinels of the Devourer (Lore) The Sentinels of the Devourer Signus. The Void. The Weaver.
Each represent one of the Devourer’s largest spheres of influence.
Dispatching them has most likely invoked its anger and marked you as a target for destruction.
Any Sentinel of the Devourer Rarity Level: 12
Polterghast (Lore) Polterghast A creature born of hatred and anger, formed by countless human souls with all of their energy entirely devoted to consuming others.
It seems a waste to have had such a potent source of power ravage mindlessly through these empty halls.
Polterghast Rarity Level: 13
Old Duke (Lore) Old Duke Strange, to find out the mutant terror of the seas was not alone in its unique biology.
Perhaps I was mistaken to classify the creature from its relation to pigrons alone.
The Old Duke Rarity Level: 13
The Devourer of Gods (Lore) The Devourer of Gods This serpent’s power to assimilate the abilities and energy of those it consumed is unique in almost all the known cosmos, save for its lesser brethren.
I would have soon had to eliminate it as a threat had it been given more time and creatures to feast upon.
The Devourer of Gods Rarity Level: 13
Jungle Dragon, Yharon (Lore) Jungle Dragon, Yharon I would not be able to bear a world without my faithful companion by my side.
Fortunately, fate will have it so that it is a world I shall never have to see, for better or for worse.
Jungle Dragon, Yharon Rarity Level: 14
The Exo Mechanical Trio (Lore) The Exo Mechanical Trio The fruits of masterful craftsmanship and optimization, created only with the objective to destroy.
Yet in the end, they achieved little more than the original designs they were derived from.
Exo Mechs Rarity Level: 15
Calamitas (Lore) Calamitas The witch unrivaled. Perhaps the only one amongst my cohorts to have ever given me cause for doubt.
Now that you have defeated her your destiny is clear.
Come now, face me.
Supreme Calamitas Rarity Level: 15