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This item is dedicated to: Popo
Magic Scarf and Hat
  • Magic Scarf and Hat.png
  • Snowman transformation Snowman transformation (Noseless)
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TooltipDon't let the demons steal your nose
Transforms the holder into a snowman
Provides heat and cold protection in Death Mode
Grants BuffPopo (buff)Popo
Buff durationInfinite
Buff tooltipYou are a snowman now!
Inflicts DebuffNoseless PopoNoseless Popo
Debuff duration10 minutes
Debuff tooltipYour nose has been stolen!
RarityRarity Level: 5
Buy / Sell1 Platinum Coin /  7 Gold Coin.png 20 Silver Coin.png

The Magic Scarf and Hat are a Hardmode accessory sold by the Archmage. Equipping them grants the Popo buff, turning the user into a snowman. If the player is damaged by a Demon, Voodoo Demon or Red Devil, the Noseless Popo debuff is inflicted upon the player and they lose their nose for 10 minutes. The accessory is considered a vanity item, as it provides no stats or bonuses.


  • Equipping the accessory in the vanity slot will cause the player to appear as a snowman without the Popo buff. The player will also be unable to lose their nose.
  • In Death Mode, this accessory counts as cold and heat immunity gear.