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Use time45 Very Slow
TooltipEnables/disables Malice Mode, can only be used in Death Mode.
This mode is subjective, play how you want, don't expect to live.
All effects from Death Mode are enabled, including the following:
Nerfs the effectiveness of life steal a bit more.
Enrages all bosses and gives them far more aggressive AI.
Bosses and their projectiles deal 25% more damage.
Increases the velocity of most boss projectiles by 25%.
RarityRarity Level: rainbow
SellNo value
For the difficulty activated by this item, see here.

Malice is an item found within the Starter Bag in Expert Mode. When used in Death Mode, it activates or disables Malice Mode. Attempting to use it while not in Death Mode or during a boss fight will have no effects.

It can be crafted at an Altar and does not have any ingredients.



Recipes: No result


  • This item's appearance was inspired by certain promotional artwork for the game The Evil Within, which features a brain covered in barbed wire.