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Not to be confused with Malice, the item that activates this gamemode.
Malice Icon.png
Malice Indicator.png
The Malice Mode icon as seen in the Difficulty Indicator UI.

Malice Mode is the third game mode introduced in the Calamity Mod. When activated, it forces all bosses to become permanently enraged and to use modified Death Mode AI. It is activated by using the Malice item, which can be crafted at any Altar and does not have any ingredients.

Malice Mode can be deactivated and activated at will. It does not require any of the other difficulty modes to be active. Attempting to activate or deactivate Malice Mode while a boss is alive will have no effect.

General Changes[]

  • While enabled, Bosses will drop Challenge and Legendary Challenge items.
  • Greatly nerfs the effectiveness of Lifesteal.
  • Nerfs the effectiveness of the Titanium armor set bonus, doesn't stack with Revengeance Mode.
  • The Nurse no longer heals you while a boss is alive.
  • Defense damage is 5% higher than in Death Mode.
  • Increases damage done by 50% for several debuffs and all Drunk Princess' Drinks that reduce life regen.
  • All boss minions no longer drop hearts.
  • Gives every boss a new enraged AI and allows them to drop special items.
  • Bosses and their projectiles deal 35% more damage.
  • Most bosses will enter later phases sooner if the fight has gone on for a long time.
  • Increases the velocity of most boss projectiles by 25%, this is increased to 35% during Boss Rush.
  • Boss reactive DR is always active outside of Boss Rush and is increased by 50%.

Boss AI Changes[]

Pre Hardmode[]

King Slime[]

  • Jump speed doubled
  • Summons slimes a lot more, and more variety of slimes, notably Umbrella Slimes.
  • Teleports more often
  • Significantly larger than normal

Desert Scourge[]

  • Fires Sand Blasts constantly and very rapidly
  • Summons minions more frequently
  • Movement speed and agressiveness greatly increased
  • The Slimy Saddle is disabled

Eye of Cthulhu[]

  • Speed doubled and dashes further
  • Phase 1 has an added attack where the Eye of Cthulhu locks on top of the player and dashes down
  • Enters Phase 2 at 75% health
  • Enters Phase 3 around 50% health


  • Movement speed greatly increased.
  • Launches shrooms more frequently.
  • Jumps have less delay between each other.
  • Mushroom walls are much wider and have smaller gaps.

Eater of Worlds[]

  • Head and Tail segments have much higher DR.
  • Movement speed increased, and increases further the less segments it has.
  • Shoots Vile Spit and Cursed Fireballs much faster.
  • Fires shadow flames at low health.

Brain of Cthulhu[]

  • Moves and teleports much faster the less Creepers remaining.
  • Movement speed and teleportation greatly increased, and increases further at lower health.
  • Creepers movement speed and acceleration greatly increased.

The Hive Mind[]

  • Movement speed is increased and teleports more often, both increasing as health lowers.
  • Circle Dashes gain predictiveness

The Perforators[]

  • Perforator Hive projectiles always ignore tiles.
  • Perforators' movement speed is always doubled, and increases as health lowers.

Queen Bee[]

  • Increased stinger speed.
  • Spawns Bees and Hornets more often.
  • Starts dashs much closer to the player at low health.


  • Spawns two more hands for a total of four.
  • Fires a spread of five bolts instead of three when teleporting.
  • Always able to teleport and does it more frequently.
  • Shoots homing skulls far more frequently.

The Slime God[]

  • Movement speed greatly increased.
  • Mines linger much longer.
  • All bosses are always enraged.



  • Moves faster during Phase 1.
  • Releases more Ice blasts during the whole fight.

Brimstone Elemental[]

  • Teleports faster in Phase 1.
  • Always shoot projectilies at a high rate.
  • Brimstone Darts from the laser attack are spaced much closer together.
  • Her phase seletion is more random.

Aquatic Scourge[]

  • Movement speed increased, and increases further on lower health.
  • Vomits much more projectilies.
  • Sulpherous Mist linger much longer.

The Twins[]

  • Spazmatism's shadowflame attack range in phase 2 is greatly increased.
  • The Twins charge faster in both phases.

Skeletron Prime[]

  • Moves much faster.
  • Both the head and the cannon shoot out 5 rockets instead of 3.
  • Both the head and the laser shoot out more lasers and attack much more frequently.
  • Spins for less time as his health drops.

The Destroyer[]

  • Always shoots blue lasers in a line from near the head to the end of the tail, fire rate lowers as segments lose more Probes.
  • All lasers always inflict Electrified.


  • Shoots many more projectilies during Bullet Hell phases.
  • Calamitas and her Brothers charge much faster and further.
  • Catastrophe shoots brimstone fireballs more rapidly.
  • Cataclysm's brimflame breath is greatly increased.
  • Calamitas' charges gain predictiveness after the second Bullet Hell.


  • Leaves Spores while moving.
  • Shoots more Spores in Phase 2.
  • Much faster in Phase 2.

Astrum Aureus[]

  • Moves faster.
  • Jumps much higher.
  • Shoots more often.


  • Jumps much higher.
  • Shoots more lasers in Phase 2.
  • The body is always able to fire lasers at the player.
  • The head takes no damage when it's detached from the body.

The Plaguebringer Goliath[]

  • Charges 5 times instead of 3.
  • Shoots more Plague Nukes in Phase 2 and fires 5 waves.
  • Summons more minions at a faster rate.
  • Starts shooting Plague Homing missiles at 100% health.

Duke Fishron[]

  • Shoots Detonation Bubbles 200% faster.
  • Charges gain predictiveness below 20% health in Phase 3.


  • Jumps much lower and faster.
  • Phase 2 vertical alignment is much faster.

Lunatic Cultist[]

  • Switches between attacks faster.
  • Launches 3 Ice Chunks instead of 2.
  • Launches 4 spreads of Ancient Light instead of 3.

Astrum Deus[]

  • Moves much faster.
  • Shoots a lot faster.
  • Both worms don't turn green or orange in Phase 2.

Post Moon Lord[]

Profaned Guardians[]

  • Move and charge much faster.
  • Shoot out more spears far more frequently.
  • Main Guardian locks on the player much longer.

The Dragonfolly[]

  • Charges much faster.
  • Shoots a semi-circle of feathers in front of the player.

Providence, the Profaned Goddess[]

  • Always summoned in her nighttime form regardless of time, with all the associated changes.
  • Projectile pattern is offsync.

Sentinels of the Devourer[]

  • All bosses have much higher speed.
  • Storm Weaver shoots more Lightning Arcs in both phases.
  • Ceaseless Void spawns more Dark Energies.
  • Signus' phase selection is more random.


  • Shoots many more projectilies in all phases.
  • Polterghast's and clone's charges gain predictiveness in Phase 3.

The Old Duke[]

  • Charges much faster.
  • Projectilie speed and damage are increased.
  • Charge predictiveness is more accurate.

The Devourer of Gods[]

  • Laser attack in phase 1 is used a lot more frequently.
  • Cosmic Guardians always stay in the fight.
  • Laser walls in phase 2 repeat 4 times instead of 3 and are faster.

Jungle Dragon, Yharon[]

  • Border Flame Pillers spawn closer together.
  • Performs most attacks and charges much faster.
  • Bullet hell attacks and pattern become even more compact, faster, and offsync the lower Yharon's health is.

Draedon and Exo Mechs[]

  • All predictive shots are more accurate.
  • All split projectiles/projectile rings fire 50% more projectiles.
  • Artemis and Apollo pause for a brief moment when they enter their second phase.
  • Artemis fires another pulse blast is fired per spread, for a total of three extra compared to normal.
  • Artemis rotates 390 degrees while firing its death ray.
  • Apollo's missiles start tracking the player faster.
  • Apollo fires one less plasma blast between missiles in its first phase.
  • Thanatos' head tracks the player more closely while charging/firing the death ray.
  • Thanatos' split lasers from its deathray are even closer together.
  • Ares' Laser Cannon fires every 9 seconds instead of 10, moves faster, and covers more range.
  • Ares' star of lasers deals damage and starts rotating much faster, and has 12 spokes instead of 10.

Supreme Calamitas[]

  • Bullet Hell phases are more compact and faster.
  • Brimstone Hearts have more health.
  • Charges much faster.
  • Projectile pattern is offsync.
  • Brothers have higher health, speed, and damage.
  • Brimstone Monsters are faster.

Exclusive Items[]

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