Calamity Mod Wiki
Type Debuff
Effects Halves the target's damage reduction.
If the target is an enemy and has no damage reduction, reduces the target's defense by 5.
Tooltip Damage reduction reduced

Marked is a debuff inflicted by the Anti-materiel Rifle, Auralis, Caustic Staff, Deep Wounder, Lunic Eye, Marked Magnum, and Tyranny's End. It halves the target's Damage Reduction. If the target is an enemy that has no Damage Reduction, it instead reduces the enemy's defense by 5. When inflicted with the debuff, the target is tinted a bright purple.


From player

From Duration Chance
Anti-materiel Rifle Anti-materiel Rifle 10 seconds 100%
Auralis Auralis 7 seconds 100%
Caustic Staff Caustic Staff 1-3 seconds 100%
Deep Wounder Deep Wounder 2 seconds 100%
Eye of Magnus Eye of Magnus 8 seconds 100%
Jaws of Oblivion Jaws of Oblivion 2 seconds (Teeth) 100%
Lunic Eye Lunic Eye 8 seconds 100%
Marked Magnum Marked Magnum 8 seconds 100%
Tyranny's End Tyranny's End 10 seconds (Main Bullet) 100%

Immune NPCs

  • Trivia

    • The debuff is a reference to a status effect of a similar name from the game, Darkest Dungeon which also reduces the defense of targets.
    • This debuff was previously known as "Marked for Death" and is still referred to as such in the mod's source files.
      • This name is shared by a skill from Darkest Dungeon which inflicts Mark.