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Mounts are creatures or objects that act as vehicles that a player can use for transportation or dealing damage. When a mount-summoning item is used, it applies an unlimited buff to the player, spawns the mount, and places the player on or in it. Mount movement can be controlled using the player's usual movement keys. Like pets and minions, mounts can be used endlessly, and their summoning items are not consumed. Only one mount can be in effect at a time. Mounts will un-equip automatically when the player dies.

Weapons and tools (as well as any other item, except hooks) can be used while riding a mount, except for the Onyx Excavator Key.

All mounts that do damage (e.g Onyx Excavator Key) will do Summon damage.

All mount items can be placed in the mount slot and then summoned with R, and can be dyed. Mount-summoning items cannot be reforged and therefore cannot have any modifiers.

There are currently 7 new Mounts added to the Calamity Mod, each with varying abilities and movement statistics.



Item Mount Description Height (ft) Speed (mph) Source
Onyx Excavator Key Onyx Excavator Key Onyx Excavator Onyx Excavator
  • Fast movement speed
  • Mines terrain ( Use / Attack)
  • Charging though enemies inflicts summon damage
  • 40
Cavern Shrine
Tundra Leash Tundra Leash Angry Dog (Mount) Angry Dog
  • Fast movement speed
  • Charging though enemies inflicts summon damage
  • 33 (horizontal)
  • 41 (vertical)
Snow biome Shrine

Post-Moon Lord[]

Item Mount Description Height (ft) Speed (mph) Source
Brimrose Brimrose Brimrose Mount Brimrose Mount
  • Infinite flight
  • Can float in place and fly very fast
  • 62 (horizontal)
  • 41 (vertical)
Brimstone ElementalBrimstone Elemental (In Revengeance Mode after Providence, the Profaned Goddess has been defeated)
Folly Feed Folly Feed Bumbledoge Bumbledoge 234
  • 72 (horizontal)
  • 31 (vertical)
The DragonfollyThe Dragonfolly
Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean Squishy Bean Mount Squishy Bean
  • Can jump very high and fall down quickly
  • 40 (horizontal)
  • 102 (vertical)
Astrum AureusAstrum Aureus (In Revengeance Mode after Moon Lord has been defeated)
Princess Spirit in a Bottle Princess Spirit in a Bottle Alicorn Mount Alicorn
  • Limited flight time
  • Fast running and flight
  • 107 (horizontal)
  • 61 (vertical)
The Devourer of GodsThe Devourer of Gods (in Revengeance Mode when affected by the Fab buff)
Gaze of Crysthamyr Gaze of Crysthamyr Shadow Dragon (Mount) Shadow Dragon 1350
  • 77 (horizontal)
  • 69 (vertical)
Dragon Egg + 100 Soul of Night + 50 Darksun Fragment + 25 Exodium Cluster  @  Draedon's Forge


  • Riding a mount will increase the player's height – for example, they cannot go through doors or enter a 3-tile-high tunnel. If there isn't enough headroom available for the mount, trying to activate the mount will fail.
    • However, the player's width is unchanged – they can still fall, jump, and/or fly up and down a 2-tile-wide vertical tunnel.

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