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Odd Mushroom
  • Odd Mushroom.png
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Use time17 Very Fast
Grants BuffTrippyTrippy
Buff duration60 minutes
Buff tooltipYou see the world for what it truly is...and you also have a 50% increase to all damage
RarityRarity Level: 3
Buy / Sell 1 Platinum Coin.png /  20 Gold Coin.png

The hallucination, heat, and color effects that are given by the Trippy buff.

The Odd Mushroom is a Hardmode consumable item that can be purchased from the Drunk Princess for 1 Platinum Coin. Consuming it grants the Trippy buff for one hour, which gives every enemy and projectile on-screen a hallucination effect similar that of Expert Mode Brain of Cthulhu, as well as giving enemies and projectiles a rainbow hue that constantly cycles. It also places a wavy Heat Distortion effect across the entire screen. Lastly, the Trippy buff grants the player a whopping 50% increase to all damage.


  • Some attacks, like the Moon Lord’s Phantasmal Deathray, won’t have the Brain of Cthulhu effect.
  • The effects can cause ill effects in real life to people with flashing lights/motion sickness problems.


  • The effects of the Odd Mushroom are a reference to psychedelic mushrooms, which have the notion of warping the perception and sense of the users.