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Pearl God
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Damage32 Ranged
Knockback3 (Very Weak)
Critical chance4%
Use time20 Very Fast
TooltipYour life is mine...
Fires shockblast rounds that emit massive explosions and steal enemy life as well as additional bullets
Every seventh shot fires a massive shockblast
Inflicts DebuffGlacial StateGlacial State
100% chance

Debuff duration4 seconds (Frostspark bullet)
Debuff tooltipCannot move and defense is shattered
Inflicts DebuffOn Fire!On Fire!
100% chance

Debuff duration8 seconds (Frostspark bullet)
Debuff tooltipLosing life
Inflicts DebuffFrostburnFrostburn
100% chance

Debuff duration8 seconds (Frostspark bullet)
Debuff tooltipIt's either really hot, or really cold, but it REALLY hurts
RarityRarity Level: 8
Sell 12 Gold Coin.png
Projectile created
Shockblast Round
Shockblast Round

The Pearl God is a craftable Hardmode gun. On its first and second uses, it fires a shockblast round that heals the player, along with two of which ever ammo is being used in a spread. On its third, fourth, fifth, and sixth uses, shockblasts continue to be shot, with the normal bullet spread continuously increasing along with more being shot. On its seventh use, only a shockblast is shot which has double damage and knockback. Shockblasts create harmless dust explosions on impact, with each use increasing the size of it, and the final shot creating a colossal explosion. After the seventh use, the weapon resets.

Its best modifier is Unreal.



Crafting Station
Mythril AnvilMythril Anvil
Orichalcum AnvilOrichalcum Anvil
Cursed CapperCursed Capper1
Spectre BarSpectre Bar5
Shroomite BarShroomite Bar5
Pearl GodPearl God1

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