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Phosphorescent Gauntlet
  • Phosphorescent Gauntlet.png
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Damage2705 Melee
Knockback9 (Very Strong)
Critical chance14%
Use time39 Very Slow
TooltipReleases rapid sulphurous punches
On use, you lunge in the direction of the mouse
On collision, you are knocked back
RarityRarity Level: 13
Sell 26 Gold Coin.png
Projectile created
Phosphorescent Gauntlet Punches
Sulphurous Punch
Dropped by
Nuclear Terror133.33%

The Phosphorescent Gauntlet is a post-Moon Lord melee weapon that drops from Nuclear Terrors. When used, the player lunges slightly towards the direction of the cursor and performs a close-ranged punch. Upon punching a target or a solid tile, the player recoils in the opposite direction and nearby blocks will emit particles as if they are broken.

Its best modifier is Godly. It cannot get modifiers that affect size.


  • Despite not behaving like standard swords or spears, it can deal true melee damage, and will receive bonuses from gear that boosts true melee damage.


  • Its appearance and functionality are similar to the Loader from Risk of Rain 2, a high-mobility character equipped with robotic gauntlets.

The Phosphorescent Gauntlet being used on a Target Dummy, then used to launch into a row of blocks.