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Plague Reaper armor
  • Plague Reaper armor.png
Set Bonus25% reduced ammo usage and 5% increased flight time
Enemies receive 10% more damage from ranged projectiles when afflicted by the Plague
Getting hit causes the plague cinders to rain from above
Press the Armor Set Bonus key to blind yourself for 5 seconds but massively boost your ranged damage
This has a 25 second cooldown.
Inflicts DebuffPlaguePlague
100% chance

Debuff duration2 seconds (Plague Cinders)
Debuff tooltipRotting from the inside
Inflicts DebuffPlague Blackout CooldownPlague Blackout Cooldown
100% chance

Debuff duration25 seconds (After usage)
Debuff tooltipYour plague blackout ability is recharging
RarityRarity Level: 8
Sell 36 Gold Coin.png (set)
Projectile created
Plague Cinder
Plague Cinder
Not to be confused with Plaguebringer armor, a Hardmode armor set based on the ranger class.

Plague Reaper armor is a Hardmode armor set that is an upgrade to the Necro armor. It requires an entire Necro armor set along with 65 Plague Cell Canisters and 47 Nanites to craft the entire set. The armor mainly grants bonuses to the ranged class. If the entire set is visible (regardless of whether it is equipped or in social slots), the wearer will have a faint pulsing aura.

It consists of a Plague Reaper Mask, Plague Reaper Vest, and Plague Reaper Striders.

The full set grants the following stats and bonuses (this includes the set bonus):

  • 34 defense
  • 25% increased ranged damage
  • 16% increased ranged critical strike chance
  • 15% increased movement speed
  • 25% reduced ammo usage
  • 5% increased flight time
  • Halves the damage taken from the Plague debuff
  • The Plague debuff causes enemies to take 10% more damage from ranged projectiles
  • Getting hit causes Plague Cinders to rain above the player which are affected by ranged damage bonuses.
  • Pressing Armor Set Bonus will blind the player similarly to the Blackout, Darkness, and Obstructed debuffs for 5 seconds. While the player is blinded, their ranged damage and critical strike chance is raised by 60% and 20% respectively. This effect has a 25 second cooldown.


Plague Reaper Mask
  • Plague Reaper Mask.png
Body slotHelmet
Tooltip10% increased ranged damage and 8% increased ranged critical strike chance
Sell 6 Gold Coin.png
Plague Reaper Vest
  • Plague Reaper Vest.png
Body slotShirt
TooltipReduces the damage caused to you by the plague
15% increased ranged damage and 5% increased ranged critical strike chance
Sell 4 Gold Coin.png 80 Silver Coin.png
Plague Reaper Striders
  • Plague Reaper Striders.png
Body slotPants
Tooltip3% increased critical strike chance
15% increased movement speed
Sell 3 Gold Coin.png 60 Silver Coin.png