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Plants are found all across worlds, and may grow from certain block types given various conditions. Most can be harvested for use, and different biomes generally have distinct plant life.


Trees are naturally generated background objects that grow from their respective soils upon generation. They can be broken using any axe, and new trees can be grown using Acorns.

The Calamity Mod adds four new types of trees: Acidwood Trees which grow on Sulphurous Sand and drop Acidwood, and 3 types of Astral Monoliths which grow on certain Astral Infection blocks and drop Astral Monolith.

  • Image Name Drops Sapling Soil type Location
    Acidwood Tree.png Acidwood Tree Acidwood Acidwood Saplings.png Sulphurous Sand Sulphurous Sea
    Monolith (normal).png Monolith (normal) Astral Monolith Monolith Saplings (normal).png Astral Grass Astral Infection
    Monolith (palm).png Monolith (palm) Astral Monolith Monolith Saplings (palm).png Astral Sand -
    Monolith (snow).png Monolith (snow) Astral Monolith Monolith Saplings (snow).png Astral Snow Astral Snow
  • Grass

    Image Name Soil Type Location Plants
    Astral Grass.png Astral Grass Astral DirtAstral Dirt Surface of the Astral Infection Astral Monoliths, wild Astral grass

    The Calamity Mod adds a single new type of grass that generates in the Astral Infection.


    Astral Vines (placed).png Sulphurous Vines (placed).png Viper Vines (placed).png
    Astral Vines Sulphurous Vines Viper Vines

    Vines are plants that grow downward from blocks. They block light but do not impede movement and can easily be destroyed with nearly any weapon or tool. Destroying a vine tile also destroys all tiles of the vine below it. Destroying the topmost tile or mining the block the vine hangs from will destroy it entirely. Vines can only grow from blocks that are not sloped on their underside.

    There are three different types of vines in the Calamity Mod, each native to a unique biome: Astral Vines (grow from Astral Dirt), Sulphurous Vines (grow from Sulphurous Sand, Sulphurous Sandstone, and Hardened Sulphurous Sandstone and emit bright green light), and Viper Vines (grow from Planty Mush). Unlike other vines, those added by the Calamity Mod are able to grow past the ten-block limit until they reach a block below them.

    The Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage allows the collection of Vine Ropes from vines.


    Astral Cactus (placed).png Sulphurous Cactus (placed).png
    Astral Cactus Sulphurous Cactus

    Cacti are functionally similar to trees in that they can be broken with any axe, however they cannot be planted with Acorns, and will instead periodically grow on their respective types of Sand Blocks.

    The Calamity Mod adds two types of Cacti: Astral Cacti which generate on Astral Sand in the Astral Infection biome, and Sulphurous Cacti which generate on Sulphurous Sand in the Sulphurous Sea. Both drop normal Cactus when broken.

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