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For the vanilla debuff page see Poisoned
Type Debuff
Effects No health regeneration
-2 life per second
Tooltip Slowly losing life

Poisoned is a vanilla debuff that deals damage over time and prevents natural life regeneration to anything it afflicts.


From Calamity Items[]

From Duration Chance
Acidic Rain Barrel Acidic Rain Barrel 1-3 seconds (Droplet) 50%
Aether's Whisper Aether's Whisper 5 seconds 100%
Belladonna Spirit Staff Belladonna Spirit Staff 4 seconds 100%
Brackish Flask Brackish Flask 5 seconds 100%
Caustic Edge Caustic Edge 8 seconds 100%
Leviathan Ambergris Leviathan Ambergris 2 seconds (Poisonous seawater) 100%
Leviatitan Leviatitan 5 seconds (Toxic Aqua Blast) 100%
Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove 5 seconds 100% (Alt-fire)
Pestilent Defiler Pestilent Defiler 6 seconds (Main shot)
3 seconds (Split shots)
Plantation Staff Plantation Staff 5 seconds (Contact)
3 seconds (Green seed, Thorn ball, Spore)
1 second (Pink seed)
Plasma Rod Plasma Rod 5 seconds 100%
Poison Pack Poison Pack 4 seconds (Ball) 100%
Steam Geyser Steam Geyser missing 100%
Sulphurous armor Sulphurous armor 2 seconds (Hit) 100%
The Amalgam The Amalgam 2 seconds (Seawater) 100%
True Caustic Edge True Caustic Edge 10 seconds (Blade) 100%
Urchin Spear Urchin Spear 10 seconds (Spear) 100%
Vehemence Vehemence 200 seconds (If the target has full HP) 100%
Victide armor Victide armor 3 seconds (Urchin darts) 100%
Yateveo Bloom Yateveo Bloom 3 seconds 100%
Flask of Poison Flask of Poison 5-9 seconds (Rogue attacks) 100%

From Calamity NPCs[]

From Duration Chance
Toxic Minnow Toxic Minnow 10 seconds (Toxic cloud) 100%
Radiator Radiator Infinite 100%
Tooth Ball Tooth Ball (Old Duke) 3 seconds (Contact) 100%
Plantera Plantera 4 seconds (Thorn ball)
5 seconds (Contact in Phase 2)
Plantera's Tentacle Plantera's Tentacle 2 seconds 100%