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Rare item variants (RIVs) are unique weapons and accessories that are rarer versions of their common counterparts. Most rare item variants look and function identically to their common counterpart but often have different sprites, altered stats, or additional effects. Each rare item variant is dropped from a certain enemy or boss (or the boss's respective Treasure Bag), and drop rates are not affected by the Defiled Rune.


Melee Weapons[]

Item Variant of Dropped by Drop chance
Carnage Carnage Bloody Edge Bloody Edge Blood Zombies post-Skeletron
Crimulan Blight Slimes post-Skeletron
Evil Smasher Evil Smasher Ancient Crusher Ancient Crusher Basilisks 0.5%
Grand Dad Grand Dad Grand Guardian Grand Guardian Moon Lord 2.5%
Swordsplosion Swordsplosion Ark of the Elements Ark of the Elements The Dragonfolly 2.5%

Ranged Weapons[]

Item Variant of Dropped by Drop chance
Arbalest Arbalest Raider's Glory Raider's Glory Pirate Crossbowers 0.5%
Hellborn Hellborn Helstorm Helstorm Devil Fish post-Golem 0.5%
Conference Call Conference Call Conclave Crossfire Conclave Crossfire Storm Divers 0.5%
Infinity Infinity Shredder Shredder Moon Lord 2.5%
Lead Wizard Lead Wizard Clock Gatlignum Clock Gatlignum Golem 2.5%
Norfleet Norfleet Starmada Starmada The Devourer of Gods 2.5%
Pearl God Pearl God Aeries Aeries Dungeon Spirits 0.5%
Skullmasher Skullmasher Anti-materiel Rifle Anti-materiel Rifle The Devourer of Gods 2.5%

Magic Weapons[]

Item Variant of Dropped by Drop chance
Clothier's Wrath Clothier's Wrath Book of Skulls Book of Skulls Skeletron 2.5%
Cryophobia Cryophobia Magna Cannon Magna Cannon Angry Dogs 1%
Eye of Magnus Eye of Magnus Lunic Eye Lunic Eye Rune Wizards 10%
Thorn Blossom Thorn Blossom Arch Amaryllis Arch Amaryllis Lunatic Cultist 2.5%
Thunderstorm Thunderstorm Plasma Rifle Plasma Rifle Storm Weaver 2.5%
Void Vortex Void Vortex Voltaic Climax Voltaic Climax Jungle Dragon, Yharon 2.5%

Summon Weapons[]

Item Variant of Dropped by Drop chance
Guidelight of Oblivion Guidelight of Oblivion Cosmilamp Cosmilamp Signus, Envoy of the Devourer 2.5%

Rogue Weapons[]

Item Variant of Dropped by Drop chance
Dune Hopper Dune Hopper Scourge of the Desert Scourge of the Desert Desert Scourge 2.5%
Quasar Quasar Radiant Star Radiant Star Astrum Deus 2.5%
The Reaper The Reaper Valediction Valediction Reaper Sharks post-Polterghast 1%
Spear of Destiny Spear of Destiny Ichor Spear Ichor Spear Ichor Sticker 0.5%


Item Variant of Dropped by Drop chance
The Bee The Bee Bee Cloak Bee Cloak Mimics 1%
Deep Diver Deep Diver Shield of the Ocean Shield of the Ocean Desert Scourge 2.5%
The Evolution The Evolution Arcanum of the Void Arcanum of the Void Ceaseless Void 2.5%
Fabled Tortoise Shell Fabled Tortoise Shell Giant Tortoise Shell Giant Tortoise Shell Giant Tortoises 0.5%
Hide of Astrum Deus Hide of Astrum Deus Astral Bulwark Astral Bulwark Astrum Deus 2.5%
Regenator Regenator Ornate Shield Ornate Shield Cryogen 2.5%
Samurai Badge Samurai Badge Badge of Bravery Badge of Bravery Providence, the Profaned Goddess 2.5%
The Transformer The Transformer Amidias' Spark Amidias' Spark Cnidrions 1%


  • All Rare item variants have a custom rarity, Rarity color rare variant.png.
  • Rare item variants are separate items and cannot be used in any recipes.


  • Rare item variants are largely inspired by a similar mechanic in Borderlands 2.
    • Many of the items also share the names of different weapons from the series.