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The Calamity Mod adds several tiers of rarity beyond those found in vanilla Terraria. Most of these rarities are meant to accommodate the tiers of progression that exist after the Moon Lord is defeated, while some are to denote special items such as dedicated items or Rare item variants.


Click a rarity color to see a listing of items of that rarity.

Tier Color Description
12 Rarity Level: 12 This tier is for the earliest post-Moon Lord items. These mainly include items crafted from Luminite Bars, along with items dropped from various profaned creatures, Dragonfolly, and the Profaned Guardians and their goddess. The tier also contains items crafted using those drops, which includes Uelibloom Bars and the items crafted using them.
13 Rarity Level: 13 This tier is for items that are acquired from or around the Sentinels of the Devourer and Polterghast. This includes their summoning items, their drops, and items crafted using these drops, as well as Phantoplasm and items crafted from it. It also includes the Cosmic Worm and direct drops from The Devourer of Gods, including Cosmilite Bars. Bloodstone, the cores made from it and Omega Healing Potions also have this tier.
14 Rarity Level: 14 This tier consists largely of items obtained after defeating The Devourer of Gods. This mostly consists of items crafted using Cosmilite Bars, Nightmare Fuel, and Endothermic Energy, as well as Nightmare Fuel and Endothermic Energy themselves. It also includes the Dragon Egg, and most direct drops from Yharon.
15 Rarity Level: 15 This smaller tier is mostly comprised of post-Yharon items. It includes Auric Tesla Bars, the items crafted from them, Darksun Fragments, and items crafted from Darksun Fragments and Yharon Soul Fragments. It also includes Murasama, the Eye of Extinction, and Shadowspec Bars.
16 Rarity Level: 16 This tier is for dedicated items that are dropped from Supreme Calamitas or crafted from Shadowspec Bars.
Draedon's Arsenal Rarity Level: Draedon's Arsenal This rarity is for items crafted with Dubious Plating and Mysterious Circuitry.
Rare Variant Rarity Level: Rare Variant This rarity is for Rare item variants that are dropped by specific enemies and bosses.
Donator Rarity Level: Donator This rarity is for Patreon donator items.

Values Table[]

All Calamity weapons, with the exception of Donator, Rare Variant and Draedon's Arsenal rarity weapons, have fixed sell prices based on their rarity. A full table is below.

Note that no weapons have a rarity of 11, so Tier 11 has been omitted from the table.

Tier Sell Price
0 10 Silver Coin
1 20 Silver Coin
2 40 Silver Coin
3 80 Silver Coin
4 2 Gold Coin.png 40 Silver Coin.png
5 7 Gold Coin.png 20 Silver Coin.png
6 9 Gold Coin.png 60 Silver Coin.png
7 12 Gold Coin
8 16 Gold Coin
9 19 Gold Coin
10 20 Gold Coin
12 24 Gold Coin
13 28 Gold Coin
14 36 Gold Coin
15 50 Gold Coin
16 1 Platinum Coin

Unique Rarity Colors[]

Several items have unique rarity colors. These do not affect sell prices, and purely exist as vanity.

Item Rarity Color
Aegis BladeAegis Blade
Yharim's CrystalYharim's Crystal
Alternates between #FF0035 ● and #FFFF35 ●
Blossom FluxBlossom Flux
Alternates between #00CB67 ● and #FFCB67 ●
Briny BaronBriny Baron
Cold DivinityCold Divinity
Alternates between #3500FF ● and #35FFFF ●
ContagionContagion #CF1175 ●
Cosmic DischargeCosmic Discharge Alternates between #9600FF ● and #96FFFF ●
Crystyl CrusherCrystyl Crusher #811D95 ●
The Dance of LightThe Dance of Light Alternates between #FF80FF ● and #FFD9FF ●
Demonshade armorDemonshade armor Alternates between #FF8416 ● and #DD5507 ●
Draconic DestructionDraconic Destruction Alternates between #FF4500 ● and #8B0000 ●
EarthEarth Alternates between #FF6392 ●, #FFE45E ●, and #7FC8F8 ●
EndogenesisEndogenesis Alternates between #83EFFF ● and #2437E6 ●
EternityEternity Alternates between #BCC0C1 ●, #9D64B7 ●, #F9A64D ●,
#FF69EA ●, #43CCDB ●, #F9F563 ●, and #ECA8F7 ●
FabstaffFabstaff Alternates between #0064FF ● and #FF64FF ●
Flamsteed RingFlamsteed Ring Alternates between #59E5FF ● and #FFFFFF ●
Gael's GreatswordGael's Greatsword #920000 ●
Illustrious KnivesIllustrious Knives Alternates between #9AFF97 ● and #E497FF ●
Leonid ProgenitorLeonid Progenitor Alternates between #30D0FF ● and #D07DDA ●
Nanoblack ReaperNanoblack Reaper Alternates between #575757 ● and #5757FF ●
Pristine FuryPristine Fury Alternates between #FFA835 ● and #FFF900 ●
Profaned Soul CrystalProfaned Soul Crystal Alternates between #FFA600 ● and #19FA19 ●
Red SunRed Sun Alternates between #CC5650 ● and #ED458D ●
Scarlet DevilScarlet Devil Alternates between #BF2D47 ● and #B9BBFD ●
Sea's SearingSea's Searing Alternates between #3C00BE ● and #3CFFBE ●
SHPCSHPC Alternates between #FF0000 ● and #FFFF00 ●
Soma PrimeSoma Prime #FEFDEB ●
Staff of BlushieStaff of Blushie #0000FF ●
SvantechnicalSvantechnical #DC143C ●
Temporal UmbrellaTemporal Umbrella Alternates between #D200FF ● and #FFF818 ●
Triactis' True Paladinian Mage-Hammer of MightTriactis' True Paladinian Mage-Hammer of Might #E3E2B4 ●
VesuviusVesuvius Alternates between #FF009B ● and #FFFF9B ●


  • Some items that are obtained at certain points in the game have rarities that do not accurately represent the point they are obtained at; for example, Rare item variants use a bright orange rarity regardless of progression.
  • Although certain high-tier items display their proper tier in the inventory, their true tier is internally treated as a rarity of 10; this can be seen by hovering over items with a tier of 12 or higher that are either in the hotbar or dropped as an item in the world.
    • This means that modifiers will not affect the colors of the item names displayed when viewed in the inventory; for example, a Legendary Exoblade will show up as the same color as a Broken Exoblade.

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