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This is a list of potions that restore the player's health/mana:

Potion Ingredients Effects
BloodfinBloodfin Fished from the Brimstone Crag post-Providence in lava Restores 240 health
Increases life regeneration by 5, and an additional 5 while under the effects of a damaging debuff
Supreme Healing PotionSupreme Healing Potion Restores 250 health
Omega Healing PotionOmega Healing Potion Restores 300 health
Hadal StewHadal Stew Restores 120 life and 150 mana
Causes potion sickness for 50 (37 with Philosopher's Stone effect) seconds instead of 60
Grants the Well Fed buff for 60 minutes
Aureus CellAureus Cell Dropped by Astrum Aureus Restores 200 mana
Grants the Magic Power and Mana Regeneration buffs for 6 minutes
Supreme Mana PotionSupreme Mana Potion Restores 400 mana