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This is a list of potions that restore the player's health/mana:

Potion Tooltip Heals Health Heals Mana
Aureus Cell Aureus Cell Grants increased mana regeneration and magic power Tango Cross1.png 200
Bloodfin Bloodfin The wonders of angiogenesis
Grants a buff that boosts life regen for 10 seconds
The life regen boost is stronger if below 75% health
240 Tango Cross1.png
Grape Beer Grape Beer This crap is abhorrent but you might like it
Reduces defense by 3% and movement speed by 5%
100 100
Hadal Stew Hadal Stew Only gives 50 seconds of Potion Sickness
Grants Well Fed
120 150
Margarita Margarita One of the best drinks ever created, enjoy it while it lasts
Reduces the duration of most debuffs
Reduces defense by 6% and life regen by 1
200 200
Omega Healing Potion Omega Healing Potion n/a 300 Tango Cross1.png
Red Wine Red Wine Too dry for my taste
Reduces life regen by 1
200 Tango Cross1.png
Supreme Healing Potion Supreme Healing Potion n/a 250 Tango Cross1.png
Supreme Mana Potion Supreme Mana Potion n/a Tango Cross1.png 400
White Wine White Wine I drank a full barrel of this stuff once in one night, I couldn't remember who I was the next day
Boosts magic damage by 10%
Reduces defense by 6% and life regen by 1
Tango Cross1.png 400