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RarityRarity level: Draedon's Arsenal

Schematics are items found in all five Bio-center Labs. They are used to unlock various items crafted with Dubious Plating and Mysterious Circuitry.


Variant Tooltip Codebreaker Component Required Power Cell Cost Decryption Message Unlocks
SchematicSchematic (Sunken Sea) Finely detailed diagrams of numerous devices and weaponry dance across the holographic screen.
The weaponry I supply to the workers of the laboratories is weak. Hardly suited for battle.
However, they suffice for self defense against any lab mechanisms or creations which may have gone rogue.
Addendum: For those who think themselves powerful, search the upper bounds of this planet's atmosphere for a structure similar to that of the Sunken Seas.
I will know by the end if you are worthy of battling my creations.
Picking up this item or holding it in your inventory permanently unlocks new recipes
n/a n/a n/a Decryption ComputerDecryption Computer
Gauss DaggerGauss Dagger
Pulse PistolPulse Pistol
Star Swallower Containment UnitStar Swallower Containment Unit
Tracking DiskTracking Disk
Encrypted SchematicEncrypted Schematic (Planetoid) Requires a Codebreaker with a basic decryption computer to decrypt Decryption ComputerDecryption Computer 500 Within an army, as weapons do, the soldiers serve different purposes. That distinction is crucial, as the wrong tool in the wrong hands—no matter how potent—may as well be a wooden club.
Addendum: Seek out my base of operations closest to the Lihzahrd's home. I wish you the best of luck with all sincerity, for it has been a long time since I have had a worthy test subject.
Frequency ManipulatorFrequency Manipulator
Gauss PistolGauss Pistol
Hydraulic Volt CrasherHydraulic Volt Crasher
Long Ranged Sensor ArrayLong Ranged Sensor Array
Matter ModulatorMatter Modulator
Mounted ScannerMounted Scanner
Encrypted SchematicEncrypted Schematic (Jungle) Requires a Codebreaker with a fine tuned, long range sensor to decrypt Long Ranged Sensor ArrayLong Ranged Sensor Array 950 As rank progresses, so often does the lethality of equipment. In the hands of competent soldiers, the weapons have the ability to make change. However, competent soldiers take no action but orders from above.
Addendum: If you read this, you have come far. Do not disappoint. Go now to Hell, for the next component stored in what were once my forges.
Advanced DisplayAdvanced Display
Galvanizing GlaiveGalvanizing Glaive
Gatling LaserGatling Laser
Gauss RifleGauss Rifle
Pulse Turret RemotePulse Turret Remote
System BaneSystem Bane
Encrypted SchematicEncrypted Schematic (Hell) Requires a Codebreaker with a sophisticated display to decrypt Advanced DisplayAdvanced Display 1750 Only the highest ranking in the battalions of the Yharim's army held these weapons. However these are still not my most potent tools. Those...characters could not be trusted with them.
Addendum: The final piece remains. Travel now from the hottest fire this land has to offer, to the most frigid cold. I cannot deny having some sense of poetic symmetry.
Heavy Laser RifleHeavy Laser Rifle
Plasma CasterPlasma Caster
Pulse DragonPulse Dragon
Snake EyesSnake Eyes
Voltage Regulation SystemVoltage Regulation System
Wave PounderWave Pounder
Encrypted SchematicEncrypted Schematic (Ice) Requires a Codebreaker with a complex voltage regulation system to decrypt Voltage Regulation SystemVoltage Regulation System 5000 I have since made progress to even greater weapons than these, but they remain creations to be proud of. No progress can be made without a desire that comes from dissatisfaction.
Addendum: The time has come. You are ready.
Auric Quantum Cooling CellAuric Quantum Cooling Cell
Plasma GrenadePlasma Grenade
Pole WarperPole Warper
Pulse RiflePulse Rifle
Tesla CannonTesla Cannon



These items can only be crafted if the player has ever picked up the respective schematics in their inventory before. They can also be crafted if the world was created before the update.

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Encrypted Schematic (Hell)Encrypted Schematic (Hell)Iron AnvilIron Anvil
Lead AnvilLead Anvil
Encrypted Schematic (Ice)Encrypted Schematic (Ice)
Encrypted Schematic (Jungle)Encrypted Schematic (Jungle)
Encrypted Schematic (Planetoid)Encrypted Schematic (Planetoid)
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  • The drawings on the schematics each depict their respective Codebreaker components that they unlock.
  • Additionally, the colored indicators on each schematic correspond with the respective biomes they are found in:
    • The Hell schematic's indicator is orange.
    • The Ice schematic's indicator is white.
    • The Jungle schematic's indicator is green.
    • The Planetoid schematic's indicator is yellow.
    • The Sunken Sea schematic's indicator is teal.