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TypeWeaponCrafting material
Damage80 Ranged
Knockback6.5 (Strong)
Critical chance4%
Use time39 Very Slow
Right click to fire a nuke
RarityRarity Level: 10
Sell 20 Gold Coin.png
Projectiles created
Big Nuke
Big Nuke
Mini Rocket
Mini Rocket

The Scorpio is a craftable Hardmode launcher with extraordinary area-of-effect capabilities. Its two firing modes both consume a single rocket of any kind upon firing.

Left-click gives a fully automatic rapid-fire stream of homing rockets that inflict the weapon's normal damage. Right-click is also automatic, slowly firing seeker rockets that inflict 1.25x the weapon's normal damage and double the knockback, in a ludicrously large area of effect (square radius of 22.5 tiles). Despite its lower fire rate, the right-click function gives a similar DPS on every enemy within a large area without consuming any additional ammunition.

Its best modifier is Unreal.



Used in


  • Against worm enemies like Astrum Deus, the Scorpio is spectacularly effective, often requiring no other equipment aside from reasonable armor.
  • The obscenely large area of effect can be a pain in certain circumstances, as it may kill benign creatures the player wanted to capture.
  • The left-click rapid fire functionality can be useful against hard to hit enemies, as you can put more rockets in the air faster. However, right-click has superior damage-per-money spent on ammo.