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Sea King
Sea King.png
EnvironmentValid house
AI TypePassive AI
Max Life7,500
KB Resist35%
Grants buffAmidias' BlessingAmidias' Blessing
Buff duration10 minutes (Help option)
Buff tooltipYou are blessed by Amidias
Lets you breathe underwater, even in the Abyss!
Just don't get hit...
Inflicts debuffClammedClammed
100% chance
Debuff duration4 seconds (Snap Clam attack)
Debuff tooltipClam clap
This is a Town NPC. A House may be required in order for it to appear.
If you were looking for something other than the town NPC, see Amidias (disambiguation).

The Sea King is an NPC vendor that provides a plethora of helpful information, several useful weapons, and a unique buff known as Amidias' Blessing.

The Sea King will immediately spawn upon killing a Giant Clam, but if killed he will only move in once the following conditions have been met:

When threatened by enemies, he will defend himself with Snap Clams.

Items sold


Item Cost Availability
ShellshooterShellshooter 2 Gold Coin Always available.
Snap ClamSnap Clam 2 Gold Coin Always available.
Sand DollarSand Dollar 1 Gold Coin Always available.
WaywasherWaywasher 2 Gold Coin Always available.
Coral CannonCoral Cannon 2 Gold Coin Always available.
Urchin FlailUrchin Flail 2 Gold Coin Always available.
Amidias' TridentAmidias' Trident 2 Gold Coin Always available.
Magical ConchMagical Conch 2 Gold Coin Always available.
Polyp LauncherPolyp Launcher 2 Gold Coin Always available.
Gills PotionGills Potion 1 Gold Coin Always available.
Water Walking PotionWater Walking Potion 1 Gold Coin Always available.
Flipper PotionFlipper Potion 1 Gold Coin Always available.
Caustic TearCaustic Tear 3 Gold Coin After the Acid Rain is defeated
Truffle WormTruffle Worm 10 Gold Coin After Duke Fishron is defeated
BloodwormBloodworm 2 Platinum Coin After The Old Duke is defeated


Amidias' Blessing Bubble.png

When the player selects the Sea King's "Help" option, they will be granted the Amidias' Blessing buff for 10 minutes, allowing them unlimited underwater breathing until they get hit or the duration is over. The Sea King will also tell the player some information about the world in the form of tips, hints, or lore. After certain milestones are reached, all possible Help dialogues will be replaced with new ones.

  • During Pre-Hardmode:

    • "There are rumors of ores that lay in latency. When you defeat certain bosses you will undo the ancient magic which conceals those materials."
    • "Have you heard of the Brimstone Crags? It was once a grand kingdom, not too different from my own. However, it also met a similar fate. I would not advise going down there, unless you seek a painful death."
    • "Ah yes, the Abyss. That trench is full of powerful creatures that could devour you in a heartbeat. I would explore the dungeon first."
    • "The Sulphurous Seas are dangerous. The toxic waters will burn your skin, but if you can brave them you will be able to reach the Abyss, where there are powerful weapons and dangers aplenty."
    • "The Sulphurous Seas were created long ago, when Yharim's dungeon could no longer hold as many corpses as it needed to. Many of the bodies were dumped into the ocean. This, along with severe pollution from the heydays of Draedon's experiments have turned a paradise into a wasteland."
    • "Be careful what you attack in the Corruption / Crimson. You might just unveil a greater threat than what was there before."
    • "Scattered across the lands are shrines dedicated to the gods. They contain powerful gear that may help you on your adventures."
    • "I'm assuming you've heard the legends that speak of the ninja, Statis? There are some who say that if you were able to defeat the gods which his clan once worshipped you would be able to harness some of his powers."
    • "The [Corruption / Crimson] used to be easily manageable and controlled by nature. However, the recent wars and pollution have tipped the balance out of favor."
    • "Throughout the world lie various structures left behind by Draedon. Archaic defenses may remain, but the goods inside may be worth your while."

    During Hardmode:

    • "Have you heard of the story of Archmage Permafrost? Rumor has it he's been locked away in an icy prison by Lord Yharim. Perhaps you would be able to free him if Cryogen was destroyed." (only if Cryogen has not been defeated)
    • "I would recommend saving some of your old items. You never know if you can engineer them into stronger weapons in the future."
    • "Once those mechanical creations have been defeated you would do well to seek out the crippled clone of the witch, Calamitas. It might provide some useful weaponry."
    • "If you take an idol down to the Brimstone Crags you might be able to see just what is lurking in the shadows."
    • "The Brimstone Crags...Yharim despised that place, and did everything he could to raze it to the ground. It might explain a few things about him."
    • "If you've gathered the souls used to power those automatons head once more to the jungle. You will find a powerful enemy to fight, which will unleash the full fervor of the jungle once defeated. Do not underestimate it!"
    • "Be careful when defeating Plantera and the Golem. You might accidentally unleash a new threat in the jungle that needs to be quelled."
    • "When exploring the jungle temple be careful. You may not wish to disturb the Lihzahrd's idol, the Golem. It's quite the destructive force."

    After Cryogen has been defeated:

    • "You will find more ores have been unlocked due to the magic sealing them away being dispelled. Some of them may require more than just the ore itself to create."

    After Golem has been defeated:

    • "The men at the front of the dungeon are performing a ritual to keep the Moon Lord contained in his prison. In order to gain Yharim's attention, however, you may need to defeat them."
    • "The Abyss has become far more active than before. You might be able to mine some of the volcanic rubble contained within."
    • "The plague was just one of the many experiments authorized by Yharim to raze towns to the ground. This is probably one of the few he shelved for being too terrible."

    After Moon Lord has been defeated:

    • "Your adventure focuses to the jungle it seems. The Dragonfolly and its swarming offspring should be eliminated before their numbers spiral out of control."
    • "Profaned creatures now lurk in the Hallow and in Hell. If you destroy enough and gather their essence together you shall be able to capture the attention of the Profaned Guardians."
    • "The Profaned Guardians will do anything to protect their goddess. Makes sense they die for her since they can be revived just as quickly."
    • "Touching Providence's offerings is usually a death wish. Shame that Yharim didn't think to just mess with her things to get her out of hiding."
    • "Providence is as much the sun goddess as much as the Moon Lord is the moon god. They are two sides of the same coin, choosing to remain neutral amongst our petty squabbles."
    • "The stories have it that when Providence faced and defeated Yharim and his forces she lost a lot of energy and reverted to a more skeletal form. She's merely a fraction of the power she was before."

    After Providence, the Profaned Goddess has been defeated:

    • "The Rune of Kos holds a significant portion of Providence's brand of magic, easily distinguishable from all others. Activating it in certain places would have some...risky consequences."
    • "Ironic, is it not, that Statis was defeated by the very Sentinel his people fashioned their art of stealth from. Fate so often weaves cruel tales."
    • "The Dungeon seems to be more active now. You may hear the faint whisperings of angry spirits who have not left to the Void...I would recommend searching there before taking on the Sentinels."

    After Polterghast has been defeated:

    • "The Abyss holds many secrets revealed with time. Checking it out again may not be a bad idea."
    • "Ah...I can sense a powerful change in the weather. You may want to venture to the Sulphurous Seas once more during the rain to experience it."

    After The Devourer of Gods has been defeated:

    • "The Devourer of God's cosmic armor is unique in that it is capable of not only protecting his body from tearing itself apart when ripping through the fabric of space and time, but also allows him to control his powers."
    • "With the cosmic steel you can fashion many of your weapons into much more powerful forms."
    • "The Devourer of Gods is extremely powerful. However, he is young, foolhardy, and very lazy. Perhaps if he had been given time to develop he would have turned into quite the threat."

    After Jungle Dragon, Yharon has been defeated:

    • "Pockets of ore have appeared once more in the land. This will allow you to create the most powerful weaponry and armor imagined!"
    • "Lord Yharim possesses god-like strength. He may not even fight you at full power which is fortunate for you. His attacks may just kill you in one hit, so be careful."
    • "Draedon's style of confrontation is very...alien and hands-off. You may be more likely to fight any one of his mechs before taking him down."
  • Names

    • The Sea King will always be named Amidias.


    While Homeless:

    • "How much more has the world fallen to ruin? Even the Tyrant’s empire..."
    • "Thank you for your service, my child, but I am afraid I am without a home now."

    During the daytime:

    • "My home may have been destroyed and my people lost... But I will assist you to honor their memory."
    • "How odd it is, that your people leave the care of those yet to be born to the females. Our males carry the eggs until they hatch."
    • "How can I survive on land? Ah, that is a secret. No, actually...I can breathe air like you!"
    • "Ah, if only you could have seen the beauty of a kingdom submerged in water. The way the light refracted and shone over our coral homes..."

    Only at night:

    • "There lurk horrifying creatures beyond the light of our homes. You should take care."
    • "My eyes are not well suited to bright lights after so many years of darkness. The peace of the night is welcome."
    • "Oh, me? I do not sleep, it is part of my nature."

    During a Blood Moon:

    • "Since ancient times people have said that deities cause celestial events. Which one then, is the cause for these?"
    • "I'm never keen on these nights. They're so violent."

    During Hardmode:

    • "Your presence is now known to a great many things. It is unlikely that they will be as friendly towards you as I have been."
    • "Hm... The veil has fallen, and the world begins to show its true colors. I hope you will trek a righteous path, though even I am not sure what that may be."

    If Moon Lord has been defeated:

    • "These days, the night sky feels... just a little less oppressive now."
    • "Some of these beings I had thought previously to be only legends. To see them in all their glory... what a macabre privilege."

    If The Devourer of Gods has been defeated:

    • "To see that Tyrant’s serpent free of its shackles. It gave me chills."

    When Angler is present:

    • "Meet me at [Name of Angler]'s house at night. We're going to throw him to the Trashers."
    • "Not sure how [Name of Angler] has not been roasted and digested by now, hanging around the sulphuric seas for so long. Perhaps it has gotten to his head."

    When Party Girl is present:

    • "[Name of Party Girl] asked if my nose could be used as a vuvuzela. What is a vuvuzela?"

    When Drunk Princess is present:

    • "Rumor has it [Name of Drunk Princess] drinks to forget her troubled past."

    When Brimstone Witch is present:

    • "I must admit, the Witch's presence is unsettling to me. But so many years have passed, and she too has suffered much."


    • Unlike all other town NPCs, the Sea King cannot drown.
    • Since Amidias' Blessing provides unlimited breath in all watery areas, including the Abyss, it makes him very useful for exploration.


    • The Sea King has only one possible name, sharing this trait with Santa Claus, the Drunk Princess, the Archmage, and the Brimstone Witch.
    • The Sea King, along with the Archmage, are two characters who appear in the lore.
      • Further supporting this claim, many of the Sea King's quotes are references to the lore, such as mentioning his whole kingdom being evaporated by Calamitas.
    • The Sea King mentions Lord Yharim when selecting Help after defeating Yharon, who is a prominent figure in the lore.
    • The dialogue about "males carrying young" is a reference to real-world seahorse biology, playing to the fact that the Sea King's design is derived from said animal.
    • The quote about the Angler is a reference to him dropping the Golden Fishing Rod when fed to the Trasher.
    • In the mod's source files, the Sea King is referred to as 'SEAHOE'.


    Of the kingdoms of the world, among those long gone and those which still stand today, none can compare to the domain of the ocean crown. Its houses of vibrant coral and pearl shone like a jewel on the dull seabed. Those who lived there were prideful, and they distanced themselves from the rest of the world certain in their position that they were superior to the beings who traversed dry land. This led them to be seclusive, and though many knew of its existence and beauty, nearly none knew of the world within its walls. It lay far beneath the surface away from the prying eyes and grasping hands of the humans who sought its riches, and thus existed peacefully without disruption for hundreds of years. Yet change is inevitable, and the tranquil world beneath the waves would soon be breached.

    Amidias was heir to royalty, and was destined to take the throne to lead his people once he became of age. Yet, Amidias’ disparity to the rest of his kind was quite evident from the moment he could make his own decisions. Choosing to explore what lay beyond the walls of the palace, he enjoyed the company of dolphins and other fish, learning much of the world from them. However, one day, he learnt of the terrors of the world above. A whale he had been following was brutally injured, and harpooned to death only to then be hauled onto a great wooden ship. The water turned from crystal clear to a murky red with the blood of the animal within seconds. He could not approach the area for days due to the nausea induced by the mere smell of it. He now knew of the terrible weapons and ambitious minds of the sailors who often searched for his hidden city looking for treasures to ransack and sell. He wished only the best for his people, and as he grew older he began to worry for the protection of the kingdom in which they lived.

    In time, as his father passed, Amidias inherited the crown and gained a family. No longer would he explore beyond the walls into the vibrant blue, or muse of life’s curiosities, drifting in the open waters. He constantly worried for the wellbeing of his family, never allowing his children to explore for themselves. He was brave, and a warrior in heart, but weighed down with the burdens of life. He feared that he could not protect them all. He vowed never to allow his people to venture to the land above, and yet… even with his greatest efforts, it was once more inevitable that if they would not change, change would meet them.

    A man who could breathe as easily as they could, move with equal swiftness, strike with as much power, if not more, swam to the depths to hold council with Amidias. He sought no treasures, would take no captives. All he wanted, was for Amidias to listen to an offer. One that would grant power, magic, great control… and Amidias refused. He could sense the madness in the mind of the man who had come from above. Nothing like the simple, greedy ambitions of the men who wanted to live as kings, rich from the ocean’s bounty, but rather, a burning hatred that had cooled to the razor’s edge of obsidian. Amidias would take no part in his schemes. Upon his refusal, the man had nothing to say. He stood silently, and nodded before leaving. They would never see him again, yet that night, their world would turn to one of scorching flames.