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Shadow Potion
  • Shadow Potion.png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Use time17 Very Fast
TooltipCauses the player to disappear while not attacking
Holding different types of rogue weapons give the player boosts
Different types of rogue weapons spawn different projectiles on hit
Stealth generation is increased by 10%
Grants BuffShadowShadow
Buff duration8 minutes
Buff tooltipYou're invisible, certain rogue weapons give and gain buffs, and stealth generation is boosted.
Inflicts DebuffShadowflameShadowflame
100% chance

Debuff duration1 second (Cosmic Scythe)
Debuff tooltipLosing life
RarityRarity Level: 3
Sell 40 Silver Coin.png

The Shadow Potion is a craftable Pre-Hardmode buff potion that is a direct upgrade to the Invisibility Potion. Upon consumption it grants the Shadow buff, which turns the player invisible and reduces aggro while not attacking, and boosts stealth regeneration by 10% at all times. The player will also become immune to the Invisibility buff. When holding and using a certain type of rogue weapon, the player will gain certain buffs and spawn certain projectiles. The effects are listed below:

Type Stat Buff Projectile
Boomerangs Increased rogue damage by 10% n/a Spectre Soul
Javelins Increased armor penetration by 5 Penumbra SoulPenumbra Soul
Bombs Increased rogue velocity by 10% Blackhole.gif Black Hole
Spiky Balls Increased rogue critical strike chance by 10% Cosmic ScytheCosmic Scythe
Daggers Increased stealth regeneration by 8% Dark Shard (projectile)Dark Shard

For stealth strikes, the additional projectiles only trigger for the first five enemies hit.



Crafting Station
Alchemy TableAlchemy Table
Invisibility PotionInvisibility Potion1
Shadow PotionShadow Potion2
Crafting Station
Alchemy TableAlchemy Table
Invisibility PotionInvisibility Potion1
Blood OrbBlood Orb10
Shadow PotionShadow Potion1


  • The player will turn visible if any bosses are alive.
  • All spawned projectiles have a cooldown of half-second before it can be released again
  • Spawned projectiles have a varying damage value proportionate to the projectile's damage. They have a damage softcap of 60, any higher is 90% less effective.
    • Spectre Souls deal 20% damage
    • Equanimity Dark Shards deal 15% damage
    • Penumbra Souls deal 10% damage
    • Cosmic Scythes and Black Holes deal 5% damage
  • Unlike the black hole from Sealed Singularity, the Black Hole spawned from Shadow Potion doesn't suck in enemies.