Calamity Mod Wiki
For the vanilla debuff page see Shadowflame
Type Debuff
Effects No health regeneration
-15 life per second
Tooltip Losing life

Shadowflame is a vanilla debuff that deals damage over time to anything it afflicts. The Calamity Mod adds a functionally and visually identical copy of Shadowflame that can be inflicted on the player, due to the fact that the player cannot be afflicted with the vanilla debuff.


From Calamity Items

From Duration Chance
Aether's Whisper Aether's Whisper 10 seconds 100%
Astreal Defeat Astreal Defeat 3 seconds 100%
Ataraxia Ataraxia 8 seconds (Contact)
3 seconds (Projectiles)
Burning Strife Burning Strife 3 seconds 100%
Clothier's Wrath Clothier's Wrath 10 seconds 100%
Devil's Devastation Devil's Devastation 2.5 seconds (Contact)
7.5 seconds (Critical hit)
1.5 seconds (Pitchfork, Scythe)
Forbidden Oathblade Forbidden Oathblade 2 seconds (Contact)
6 seconds (Crit)
1.5 seconds (Projectiles)
Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove 2 seconds 100% (Alt-fire)
Nucleogenesis Nucleogenesis 3 seconds (On minion hits) 100%
Plasma Rod Plasma Rod 10 seconds 100%
Recitation of the Beast Recitation of the Beast 1..5 seconds 33.33%
Shaderain Staff Shaderain Staff 1 second (Rain) 100%
Shadow Potion Shadow Potion 1 second (Cosmic Scythe) 100%
Statis' Curse Statis' Curse 3 seconds (On minion hits) 100%
The First Shadowflame The First Shadowflame 3 seconds (On minion hits) 100%
True Forbidden Oathblade True Forbidden Oathblade 2.5 seconds (Contact)
7.5 seconds (Crit)
1.5 seconds (Projectiles)

From Calamity NPCs

From Duration Chance
The Hive Mind The Hive Mind (Phase 2) 1 second (Shaderain) 100%
Dank Creeper Dank Creeper 1 second (Shaderain) 100%
Dark Heart Dark Heart 1 second (Shaderain) 100%
Adult Eidolon Wyrm Head Adult Eidolon Wyrm Head 2 seconds (Ancient Doom) 100%
Eidolon Wyrm Body Eidolon Wyrm Body (Alternate) 2 seconds (Ancient Doom) 100%
Goblin Sorcerer Goblin Sorcerer 3 seconds (Chaos Ball in Hardmode) 100%
Goblin Summoner Goblin Summoner 3 seconds (Chaos Ball in Hardmode) 100%
Shadowflame Apparation Shadowflame Apparation 3 seconds 100%
Spazmatism (Second Form) Spazmatism (Second Form) 1.5, 2.5, or 4 seconds (Shadowflamethrower)
1, 2, or 3 seconds (Shadowflame fireballs)
Tim Tim 3 seconds (Chaos Ball in Hardmode) 100%