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Silva Immunity
Silva Immunity.png
Type Buff
Effects Unable to die. Taking fatal damage cannot put the player below 1 hp.
Tooltip You are unkillable and immune to most debuffs

Silva Immunity is a buff granted to the player upon reaching 0 health while wearing Silva armor or Summoner and Mage variant of Auric Tesla armor for 8 seconds. While the buff is active, the player is unable to die, with 1 health being the lowest health value they can reach. The player can only receive this buff once every 5 minutes.

The player will become immune to the following debuffs while the Silva Immunity is active:

  • The player will be healed to half health if they are under the effects of the Draconic Surge buff when the immunity activates. This will inflict Draconic Surge Cooldown for 1 minutes which makes the player unable to use Draconic Elixir and also extends Potion Sickness by 30 seconds.


    • With both Silva armor and Silva Wings equipped, the player will also be healed to half health when Silva Immunity triggers.
      • This does not trigger on the Summoner or Mage variant of Auric Tesla armor, despite inheriting Silva Immunity from the Silva armor.
    • This buff is only visual and can be canceled by right clicking; however, the revive will still take effect and is completely independent from the buff.


    • The buff's icon still depicts the Silva HelmSilva Helm, despite said helmet becoming a vanity piece.