Calamity Mod Wiki
Silva Immunity
Silva Immunity.png
Type Buff
Effects Unable to die. Fatal damage will instead reduce max health by 100.
Tooltip You are unkillable and immune to most debuffs

Silva Immunity is a buff granted to the player upon reaching 0 health while wearing Silva armor or Auric Tesla armor for 10 and 5 seconds respectively. While the buff is active, the player is unable to die, with 1 health being the lowest health value they can reach. However, upon being hit by a would-be fatal attack while this buff is active, they will lose 100 max health. The player can only receive this buff once per life; once the 10 seconds are over, they cannot become immune again until they actually die and respawn. The player will be healed to half health if they are under the effects of the Draconic Surge buff when the immunity activates.

If the player is reduced to 400 max life, disregarding health bonuses from Armors, Accessories, amongst other boosts, the immunity period ends prematurely.


  • While wearing Auric Tesla armor, the God Slayer revive takes priority over this buff, meaning that it will only be activated if the player reaches 0 health while the God Slayer revive is on cooldown.
  • The player will return to their normal amount of max health upon respawning after truly dying.
  • This buff is only visual and can be canceled by right clicking; however, the revive will still take effect and is completely independent from the buff.