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For the vanilla debuff page see Slow
Type Debuff
Effects Horizontal movement speed is halved.
Tooltip Movement speed reduced

Slow is a vanilla debuff that halves the target's movement speed.


From Calamity items

From Duration Chance
Gel Dart Gel Dart 2 seconds (stealth strike) 100%
Sludge Splotch Sludge Splotch 4 seconds (Sludge ball)
2 seconds (Sludge split)

Immune NPCs

  • NPC
    The Devourer of Gods The Devourer of Gods
    The Devourer of Gods The Devourer of Gods (Final Phase)
    Storm Weaver Storm Weaver
    Ceaseless Void Ceaseless Void
    Dark Energy Dark Energy
    Perforator Cyst Perforator Cyst
    Hive Cyst Hive Cyst
    Cosmic Lantern Cosmic Lantern
    Cosmic Mine Cosmic Mine
    ??? ???
    Profaned Energy Profaned Energy
    Armored Digger Armored Digger
    Polterghast Hook Polterghast Hook
    Phantom Phantom
    Cosmic Guardian Cosmic Guardian
    Sepulcher Sepulcher
    Brimstone Heart Brimstone Heart
    Microbial Cluster Microbial Cluster
    Eidolist Eidolist
    Hive Hive
    Giant Clam Giant Clam
    Belching Coral Belching Coral
    Cragmaw Mire Cragmaw Mire
    Wulfrum Pylon Wulfrum Pylon
    XM-05 Thanatos Head XM-05 Thanatos Head
    XM-05 Thanatos Body XM-05 Thanatos Body
    XM-05 Thanatos Tail XM-05 Thanatos Tail
    King Slime King Slime
    Eater of Worlds Head Eater of Worlds Head
    Eater of Worlds Body Eater of Worlds Body
    Eater of Worlds Tail Eater of Worlds Tail
    Brain of Cthulhu Brain of Cthulhu
    Creeper Creeper
    Eye of Cthulhu Eye of Cthulhu
    Queen Bee Queen Bee
    Skeletron Head Skeletron Head
    Skeletron Hand (NPC) Skeletron Hand
    Wall of Flesh Wall of Flesh
    Retinazer Retinazer
    Spazmatism Spazmatism
    Skeletron Prime Skeletron Prime
    Prime Cannon Prime Cannon
    Prime Saw Prime Saw
    Prime Laser Prime Laser
    Prime Vice Prime Vice
    Plantera Plantera
    Ice Queen Ice Queen
    Pumpking Pumpking
    Mothron Mothron
    Golem Golem
    Golem Head Golem Head
    Right Golem Fist Golem Fist
    Duke Fishron Duke Fishron
    Lunatic Cultist Lunatic Cultist
    150xpx Moon Lord Hand
    150xpx Moon Lord Head
    Moon Lord Core Moon Lord Core
    True Eye of Cthulhu True Eye of Cthulhu
    Etherian Wyvern Etherian Wyvern
    Dark Mage Dark Mage
    Old One's Skeleton Old One's Skeleton
    Wither Beast Wither Beast
    Drakin Drakin
    Kobold Kobold
    Kobold Glider Kobold Glider
    Ogre Ogre
    Betsy Betsy
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