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Stat Meter
  • Stat Meter.png
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TooltipDisplays almost all player stats
Offensive stats displayed vary with held item
RarityRarity Level: 1
Buy / Sell 5 Gold Coin.png /  1 Gold Coin.png 20 Silver Coin.png
Not to be confused with Level Meters, similar items that display Proficiency.

The Stat Meter is a Tool purchased from the Goblin Tinkerer for 5 Gold Coin. It tells the player of their various stats within the tooltip. The stats displayed in the meter's tooltip are as follows:

  • Adrenaline and Rage Meter charge times. (In Revengeance and Death Modes only)
  • Melee damage, crit chance, and melee swing speed. (While holding a Melee weapon)
  • Ranged damage, crit chance, and ammo reduction. (While holding a Ranged weapon)
  • Magic damage, crit chance, mana usage, and mana regeneration rate. (While holding a Magic weapon)
  • Summon damage and minion slots. (While holding a Summon weapon)
  • Rogue damage, crit chance, rogue projectile velocity boosts, ammo reduction, max stealth, stealth regeneration rate while moving and standing. (While holding a Rogue weapon)
  • Defense and Damage Reduction (DR).
  • Life regeneration.
  • Armor penetration.
  • Wing flight time.
  • Movement speed boosts.
  • Abyss light level (Abyss & Cave light level in Death Mode)
  • Abyss breath loss, damage over time taken from being out of breath, and defense lost. (Only while in the Abyss)


  • This item pairs well with the Cell Phone or PDA.
  • This item will work when it's in the Goblin Tinkerer's inventory.