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Sunken Crate
  • Sunken Crate.png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
TypeGrab bagFurniture
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Dimensions2 wide × 2 high
Use time14 Very Fast
Map color#6ADAE6 ●
RarityRarity Level: 2
Sell 1 Gold Coin.png

The Sunken Crate is a Fishing Crate variant that can only be hooked in the Sunken Sea. The crate contains several items based originally in the Sunken Sea, including blocks and drops from the Giant Clam. Several of the crate's drops are locked behind Desert Scourge and in Hardmode.


Item Quantity Chance
NavystoneNavystone 10-30 100%
Eutrophic SandEutrophic Sand
Prism ShardPrism Shard 5-10 100%
( Post - Desert Scourge map )
Sea PrismSea Prism 2-5 20%
( Post - Desert Scourge map )
Mollusk HuskMollusk Husk 2-5 12%
( In Hardmode )
PoseidonPoseidon 1 7%
( Post - HM Giant Clam map )
Clamor RifleClamor Rifle
Shellfish StaffShellfish Staff
Clam CrusherClam Crusher
Obsidian Skin PotionObsidian Skin Potion 1-3 10%
Swiftness PotionSwiftness Potion
Ironskin PotionIronskin Potion
Night Owl PotionNight Owl Potion
Shine PotionShine Potion
Mining PotionMining Potion
Heartreach PotionHeartreach Potion
Dangersense PotionDangersense Potion
Lesser Healing PotionLesser Healing Potion 2-5 50%
Lesser Mana PotionLesser Mana Potion 50%
Apprentice BaitApprentice Bait 2-3 33.33%
Journeyman BaitJourneyman Bait 1-3 20%
Sea MinnowSea Minnow
Master BaitMaster Bait 1-2 10%
Silver CoinSilver Coin 10-90 100%
Gold CoinGold Coin 1-5 50%


  • Sunken Crate Crates drop different tiers of healing and mana potions depending on what bosses have been defeated:
    • Lesser Healing and/or Mana potions are dropped normally.
    • Healing and Mana potions are dropped if Skeletron has been defeated.
    • Greater Healing and Mana potions are dropped if any Mechanical Boss has been defeated.
    • Super Healing and Mana potions are dropped if Providence, the Profaned Goddess has been defeated.
    • Supreme Healing and Mana potions are dropped if The Devourer of Gods has been defeated.