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This template is used to store the data for a recipe into the cargo database.


| station = <crafting station name>
| result = <result item name> | amount = <result item amount> | text = <result item text> (optional) | image = <result item image> (optional)
| <ingredient 1 name>¦<ingredient 1 text> (optional) | <ingredient 1 amount>
| <ingredient 2 name>¦<ingredient 2 text> (optional) | <ingredient 2 amount>
| <ingredient n name>¦<ingredient n text> (optional) | <ingredient n amount>


  • All result and ingredient amounts are required, even if they are 1.
  • The text and image parameters are rarely used, and are only appropriate in edge cases.
    • The ¦<ingredient text> markup is also rarely used, and is only appropriate in edge cases.
  • Here's a list of all /register subpages (the pages where recipe data is stored):