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Temporal Sadness
Temporal Sadness.png
Type Debuff
Effects Target's damage is reduced by 15 and movement speed is cut in half.
Tooltip You are crying

Temporal Sadness is a debuff inflicted by the Broken Biome Blade and its upgrades, Statis' Blessing and its upgrades, the Teardrop Cleaver, and the Ethereal Extorter. The debuff reduces the target's damage by 15 and cuts their movement speed in half while also causing them to emit large water particles.


From player

From Duration Chance
Nucleogenesis Nucleogenesis 1 second (On minion hits) 100%
Teardrop Cleaver Teardrop Cleaver 1 second 100%

Immune NPCs

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  • If an enemy with less than 15 damage is affected by Temporal Sadness, they will not deal damage in any form, instead of being set to 1 damage.
  • All minions, when summoned with any of the three Statis' accessories, will inflict Temporal Sadness, in addition to whatever debuffs they may inflict.
    • The debuff does not stack when the player equips multiple Statis' accessories, as minions will still only inflict it for 1 second, despite the fact that the player can stack the other effects of the Statis' accessories.