The Crimson

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"...Home to many hideous creatures, spawned from the pumping blood and lurching organs deep within."

The Crimson biome features 2 new enemies, one of which summons The Perforators boss when killed. A shrine structure, which contains the Crimson Effigy, a unique piece of furniture, can be found somewhere within this biome.

In Death Mode, thorny bushes inflict the Bleeding and Weak debuffs.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The Crimson
CharactersUnique TreasuresUnique Drops
Perforator CystPerforator Cyst
Crimulan Blight SlimeCrimulan Blight Slime


The PerforatorsThe Perforators
From Shrines:
Crimson EffigyCrimson Effigy
From Crimslimes:
Murky SludgeMurky Sludge

From Crimulan Blight Slimes:

Blighted GelBlighted Gel

From Ichor Stickers:

Ichor SpearIchor Spear
Spear of DestinySpear of Destiny

From Crimson Mimics:

Celestial ClaymoreCelestial Claymore
From Fishing Underground in Hardmode:
Fish of NightFish of Night

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