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"These obsidian and hellstone towers were once homes to thousands of...'people'."

The Underworld layer features 3 new enemies along with 3 new bosses. The Brimstone Crag biome generates in the left side of the Underworld. There is also a unique Underworld Bio-center Lab located on the far-right side of the Underworld, which contains the schematic used to craft the fourth tier of Draedon's arsenal and decrypt the final schematic.

In Death Mode, without heat immunity gear, a player who is not standing in front of a wall will be inflicted with a new continuous debuff every six seconds, in the order: Weak, Slow, On Fire!, Confused, and then Burning after a total of 30 seconds. Additionally, lava geysers will occasionally erupt from Lava.


The Underworld
CharactersUnique Drops
After the Moon Lord has been defeated:
Impious ImmolatorImpious Immolator
Profaned EnergyProfaned Energy
Scorn EaterScorn Eater


Profaned GuardiansProfaned Guardians
Providence, the Profaned GoddessProvidence, the Profaned Goddess
Signus, Envoy of the DevourerSignus, Envoy of the Devourer
From Demons and Voodoo Demons:
Demonic Bone AshDemonic Bone Ash
Bladecrest OathswordBladecrest Oathsword

From Bone Serpents:

Demonic Bone AshDemonic Bone Ash
Old Lord OathswordOld Lord Oathsword

From Fire Imps:

Ashen StalactiteAshen Stalactite

From Red Devils:

Essence of ChaosEssence of Chaos

From Scorn Eaters, Profaned Energies,
and Impious Immolators:

Unholy EssenceUnholy Essence

From Impious Immolators:

Energy StaffEnergy Staff

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