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Venerated Locket
  • Venerated Locket.png
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Tooltip10% increased rogue damage
Using a rogue weapon summons a copy of the projectile that falls from the sky
Stealth strikes cause a circular fan of seeking cosmilite knives to be thrown
You'll never be alone, no matter where you go
RarityRarity Level: 14
Buy / Sell 25 Platinum Coin.png /  28 Gold Coin.png
Projectile created
Cosmilite Knives
Cosmilite Knives

The Venerated Locket is a post-Moon Lord accessory purchased from the Bandit for 25 Platinum Coin after The Devourer of Gods has been defeated. While equipped, it increases rogue damage by 10%. While a rogue weapon is thrown, a weaker copy of the weapon's projectile rains down from the sky. The copy projectiles deal 6.5% of the weapon's damage and deal typeless damage. When the player performs a stealth strike, a circular fan of 15 homing cosmilite knives are thrown out that deal 35 typeless damage which can be affected by rogue damage bonuses.


  • Projectiles created by the Venerated Locket will also create nanoblades when the Nanotech is equipped.
  • The Sylvan Slasher will not trigger any effects from this accessory.