Calamity Mod Wiki
For the vanilla debuff page, see Venom
Type Debuff
Effects No health regeneration
-6 life per second
-15% movement speed (if player)
-6 life per second (if enemy)
Tooltip Losing life

Venom is a vanilla debuff that deals damage over time and prevents the natural health regeneration to anything it afflicts. The Calamity Mod causes the Venom debuff to also reduce the player's movement speed by 15%. Enemies affected by the debuff through the Lionfish or Sulphuric Acid Cannon take additional damage by allowing the debuff to stack. Additionally, certain enemies hit by the Lionfish and bubbles from the Sulphuric Acid Cannon will have their Venom immunity removed.


From Calamity Items[]

From Duration Chance
Ball O' Fugu Ball O' Fugu 3 seconds (Flail)
2 seconds (Spike)
Ballistic Poison Bomb Ballistic Poison Bomb 3 seconds (Bomb)
2 seconds (Spike, Cloud)
Beastial Pickaxe Beastial Pickaxe 5 seconds 100%
Belching Saxophone Belching Saxophone 3 seconds (Mist) 100%
Berserker Waraxe Berserker Waraxe 5 seconds 100%
Bonebreaker Bonebreaker 4 seconds (Javelin)
1 second (Shrapnel)
Brackish Flask Brackish Flask 5 seconds (Flask, Water)
10 seconds (Spear)
Caustic Edge Caustic Edge 2 seconds 100%
Caustic Staff Caustic Staff 1-3 seconds 100%
Corrosive Spine Corrosive Spine 4 seconds (On rogue hits) 100%
Feralthorn Claymore Feralthorn Claymore 5 seconds (Blade) 100%
Greentide Greentide 5 seconds (Teeth) 100%
Hellion Flower Spear Hellion Flower Spear 5 seconds (Spear)
3 seconds (Spike)
Insidious Impaler Insidious Impaler 6 seconds 100%
Jaws of Oblivion Jaws of Oblivion 2 seconds (Teeth) 100%
Leviathan Ambergris Leviathan Ambergris 2 seconds (Poisonous seawater) 100%
Leviathan Teeth Leviathan Teeth 3 seconds 100%
Leviatitan Leviatitan 5 seconds (Toxic Aqua Blast) 100%
Lionfish Lionfish 4 seconds 100%
Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove 2 seconds 100% (Alt-fire)
Mythril Knife Mythril Knife 5 seconds 100% (Stealth strikes)
Necklace of Vexation Necklace of Vexation 2 seconds 100%
Nettlevine Greatbow Nettlevine Greatbow 1-8 seconds (Venom Arrow) 100%
Orthocera Shell Orthocera Shell 3 seconds 100%
Pestilent Defiler Pestilent Defiler 6 seconds (Main shot)
3 seconds (Split shots)
Plantation Staff Plantation Staff 5 seconds (Contact)
3 seconds (Green seed shotgun)
Quagmire Quagmire 3 seconds (Yoyo) 100%
Scourge of the Seas Scourge of the Seas 3 seconds (Javelin)
2 seconds (toxic clouds)
Septic Skewer Septic Skewer 2 seconds (Bacteria) 100%
Sulphurous Sand Sulphurous Sand 2 seconds (Bubbles) 100%
Sulphurous armor Sulphurous armor 2.5 seconds (Bubble) 100%
The Swarmer The Swarmer 1 seconds (Wasp) 100%
True Caustic Edge True Caustic Edge 2.5 seconds (Contact)
2 seconds (Projectile)
True Tyrant's Ultisword True Tyrant's Ultisword 2.5 seconds (Contact) 100%
Tyrant Yharim's Ultisword Tyrant Yharim's Ultisword 2.5 seconds (Contact) 100%
Urchin Flail Urchin Flail 3 seconds (Flail)
2 seconds (Spike)
Urchin Spear Urchin Spear 3 seconds (Stinger) 100%
Urchin Stinger Urchin Stinger 3 seconds 100%
Yateveo Bloom Yateveo Bloom 1.5 seconds 100%
Flask of Venom Flask of Venom 5-9 seconds (Rogue attacks) 100%

From Calamity NPCs[]

From Duration Chance
Box Jellyfish Box Jellyfish 2 seconds 100%
Frogfish Frogfish 3 seconds 100%
Aquatic Seeker Head Aquatic Seeker Head 2 seconds 100%
Mirage Jelly Mirage Jelly 4 seconds 100%
Nuclear Terror Nuclear Terror 2 seconds (Acid mist) 100%
Mauler Mauler 2 seconds (Sulphuric bubbles and mist) 100%
Radiator Radiator Infinite (Aura Post-Polterghast) 100%