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War Cleave
War Cleave.png
Type Debuff
Effects Targets defense is reduced by 15 and damage reduction by 25%
Tooltip Defense and protection reduced

War Cleave is a debuff that reduces enemy defense by 15 and lowers enemy damage reduction by 25%. It is inflicted by the Waraxe, the Warblade, Overloaded Soldiers, and Phantom Debris. Any enemy that can receive the Armor Crunch debuff can also receive War Cleave.


From player

From Duration Chance
Temporal Umbrella Temporal Umbrella 3 seconds (Bullet) 100%
Waraxe Waraxe 15 seconds (Critical hits) 100%
Warblade Warblade 7.5 seconds (Critical hits) 100%

From NPCs

From Duration Chance
Phantom Debris Phantom Debris 2 seconds 100%
Overloaded Soldier Overloaded Soldier 2 seconds 100%
Angry Bones Angry Bones 1 second (In Hardmode) 100%

Immune NPCs

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