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Weightless Candle
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TypeFurnitureLight Source
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Dimensions1 wide × 2 high
Use time14 Very Fast
TooltipWhen placed, nearby players gain 10% movement speed, 10% wing time, and 5% acceleration
'The floating flame seems to uplift your very spirit'
Grants BuffLimberLimber
Buff durationInfinite (while in vicinity)
Buff tooltipThe floating flame seems to uplift your very spirit
Map color#EE9169 ●
RarityRarity Level: 6
Buy / Sell 50 Gold Coin.png /  10 Gold Coin.png

The Weightless Candle is a Hardmode piece of furniture that is purchased from the Drunk Princess for 50 Gold Coin. The candle emits light and grants the Limber buff to all players within a 120x86 rectangular area, which boosts boost movement speed by 10%, flight time by 10% and movement acceleration by 5%.


  • Since a player is 2 tiles wide and just under 3 tiles tall and the candle buffs a 120x86 area, covering a large area with no gaps can be done by placing candles every 243 blocks horizontally and 176 blocks vertically.
    • Covering the entire accessible area of a large map with the candle's buff would require 385 candles, costing 192 Platinum Coin.png 50 Gold Coin.png.
      • For medium worlds, it would take 260 candles, costing 130 Platinum Coin. For small worlds, it would take 119 candles, costing 59 Platinum Coin.png 50 Gold Coin.png.
      • Covering just a single horizontal stretch (for instance, on a skybridge) would take 35 candles on a large world, 26 on a medium world, and 17 on a small world.
  • Unlike the Water and Peace Candles, it cannot be held by the player and is required to be placed down in order to receive its effects.
  • Like all items sold by the Drunk Princess, a Discount Card or other similar items will not reduce the candle's price.
  • A placed candle will be dropped if it comes in contact with lava (but not water or honey).