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Yharim's Stimulants
  • Yharim's Stimulants.png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Use time17 Very Fast
TooltipGives decent buffs to ALL offensive and defensive stats
Grants BuffYharim's PowerYharim's Power
Buff duration30 minutes
Buff tooltipYou feel like you can break the world in two...with your bare hands!
RarityRarity Level: 3
Sell 40 Silver Coin.png

Yharim's Stimulants are craftable Pre-Hardmode buff potions made from various combat-related potions. It grants the user the Yharim's Power buff when consumed, granting the following effects:

  • +6% all damage
  • +2% all crit chance
  • +5% increased mining speed
  • +100% increased minion knockback
  • +15% movement speed
  • +6% increased damage reduction
  • +8 defense



Crafting Station
Alchemy TableAlchemy Table
Any Food ItemAny Food Item1
Endurance PotionEndurance Potion1
Ironskin PotionIronskin Potion1
Swiftness PotionSwiftness Potion1
Titan PotionTitan Potion1
Yharim's StimulantsYharim's Stimulants1
Crafting Station
Alchemy TableAlchemy Table
Bottled WaterBottled Water1
Blood OrbBlood Orb50
Yharim's StimulantsYharim's Stimulants1


  • This potion can only be crafted at an Alchemy Table.
  • This stacks with the potions used to craft it.


  • This item is a reference to using steroids, as it takes on an injector form (hence injecting the potion instead), and also boosts your stats greatly, similar to how steroids boost you in real life.
  • The buff tooltip appears to be a reference to a line from Senator Armstrong in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: "I could break the president in two... with my bare hands!" As well as the buff icon reassembling a Nanomachine augmented arm which is synonymous with Armstrong.